Samsung x Theta — Test channel launches on today!

Theta Labs
Sep 25, 2018 · 2 min read
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Theta Labs is proud to reveal the second test channel built on the Theta blockchain. Building on our experience building the test channel, we’ve successfully integrated the Theta protocol with SamsungVR, in the form of a test channel featuring 360° VR content! Start watching here:

Samsung x Theta test channel

The channel will be hosted on both SamsungVR’s website and, combining both sites’ userbases to maximize concurrent viewers and bandwidth offload efficiency.

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SamsungVR users can use the Theta block explorer to transparently observe how relaying video corresponds to token transactions on the Theta blockchain. This key component of token rewards is what will allow SamsungVR and other video platforms to reward users, increase their engagement, and create a robust community of viewers and video relayers.

Since 360° VR video is streamed at a higher bitrate and requires more bandwidth, we’re looking forward to testing how the Theta protocol handles relaying it. Log on now to contribute and help us optimize Theta for VR content! And make sure to “look around” in the video stream, because you can drag the stream in any direction for a 360° view of the game world.

We’re excited to keep building with SamsungVR, and revolutionize their business model with the Theta Network. Theta adoption is only increasing from here, and we’re already getting started on the next integrations for the Theta Network with MBN and CJ Hello — expect a strong slate of partners for our mainnet launch by end of year. Stay tuned for more, and thanks to everyone supporting the Theta Network!

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