Symbiote Creatives, creator of Fuse Wars blockchain game, joins Theta Metachain as launch partner

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3 min readNov 8, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce that Symbiote Creatives, developer of the highly-anticipated Fuse Wars blockchain game, has joined Theta Metachain as launch partner!

Symbiote Creatives (SC) is a family of entrepreneurs, creators, builders and experts. The team, led by founder Ivory Jones, has previous experience at AWS, Oracle, Google, SunGard, Ethereum, Unreal, Unity, and other leading companies in the tech and gaming space. Symbiote Creatives offers solutions to gaming developers to integrate their games with full blockchain and Web3 capabilities. By basing their blockchain integrations exclusively on Theta Metachain, they can deliver on their promise of unlocking innovative GameFi earnings solutions.

“Symbiote Creatives is honored to be a part of the expansion of the Theta Labs ecosystem of projects and creators. Theta’s innovations such as Theta Video API and NFT-based DRM, as well as the continued addition of numerous other technology patents have fully convinced us, more than ever, that the Theta blockchain provides the perfect infrastructure upon which to successfully build our project”, said Symbiote Creatives founder Ivory Jones. “Now, as the Theta blockchain evolves once again with the upcoming release of Mainnet 4.0, we are excited by the new possibilities opened up by becoming a Metachain partner of the Theta Labs ecosystem including but not limited to edge node storage of NFT data, and increased utilities pertaining to the storage of information on the sub-chain.”

Much of the buzz around Symbiote Creatives is due to their highly-anticipated game FuseWars. FuseWars is a third person shooter multiplayer experience currently in development, utilizing Epic Online Services to access achievements, matchmaking and lobbies in a peer-2-peer game environment. The game has already generated a huge buzz in the Theta community and beyond, including media coverage from NFT Mag, and thex associated NFTs have the highest demand of any collection in the ThetaDrop Marketplace. Players can choose their Fuse Guardian to battle friends and control the battlefield. A closed beta version is already being tested by key community members, and open beta is expected to launch in late December 2022. Members of the beta test community routinely stream game play on

Many unique features are built into the project. One exciting feature are VROAs, or Visual Representations of Accomplishments. The VROAs NFTs, when fully integrated within the project, will allow users to mint, in real time, updates related to their game performance or standings within the leader board. These real time analytics will provide users the opportunity to judge not only their performance against other players, but to have greater insights into their abilities as they hone their game strategies for the next round. There is a longitudinal focus of this project, with features, levels, scripts, and lore planned to be rolled out for the next 5 years. Like VROAs, as the technological advances of the Theta blockchain increase, so will the abilities and sophistication of the gameplay.

“Like many of the generative products we offer, Symbiote Creatives is a technologically forward-thinking company. Built upon the Theta blockchain, the capabilities of our project will grow as technological capabilities grow. We are pleased to have been selected and included as a demonstration project for the MN4 integration and roll out, and we will continue to expand our capabilities as the Theta Ecosystem expands with theirs” said Jones.