Theta announces Rob Feldman’s Earworm Media as Theta Validator Node & partner to Theta Network

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3 min readJan 31


We’re excited to announce that Rob Feldman’s Earworm Media, a leading NFT project on ThetaDrop (Cyko KO, Cyko Headz) has launched the newest Theta Validator Node! The validator node can be found at Theta address

Feldman’s Cyko KO, a leading NFT project on Thetadrop, utilizes multiple aspects of the NFT experience from gated comic book content, unique physical redeemables and a series of 2D arcade-style games (Beat Blorto, Cyko TV Star Cards) that use NFTs to “power up” and boost player scores.

Late last year, Feldman, through Earworm, joined forces with Replay to fund and produce a new animated series, Cyko KO, featuring the cast of Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino and Jon Gries) which is set to premiere on Replay’s Rewarded TV this year.

“We are beyond excited to partner with Theta. I was a fairly early adopter when I started streaming on Theta TV and never lost sight of its capabilities, particularly with their rollout of Thetadrop NFTs”, said Rob Feldman, creator of Cyko KO and owner of Earworm Media. “Fast forward to now, we are psyched to further explore the capabilities of Metachain alongside amazing talent like Fuel Foundry and Austin Patkos and continue to push the limits of Theta’s incredible technology with original content creation.”

The Theta validator group continues to grow into a diverse cross-section of the different stakeholders in the Theta Ecosystem. The total number of Theta validator nodes is now 28, including:

  • Media and tech companies (Samsung, Sony, Google, CAA)
  • Crypto projects (Earworm, Replay, Binance, gumi Cryptos, Blockchain)
  • Theta community members
  • Institutional investors (Sierra, DHVC, Heuristic Capital, Venture Reality Fund, and GFR Fund)
  • Theta Labs

The partnership between Earworm Media and Theta was fully realized through the support of Jonathan Prout, long-time Theta Community Member who funded the Validator node.

“It’s truly a thrill and a privilege to be partnering with Rob to run a Validator node for Earworm Media. Rob is a pillar of the community, not only with his creative use of Theta’s technology stack, but also in leading the effort to organize the inaugural ThetaCon. This partnership grew out of a relationship formed at ThetaCon, which showcases the promise of Web3 to connect creators and community members to collaborate closer than ever before. With Earworm Media joining the network as a Validator, I look forward to all the fun and comical ideas from the mind of Rob Feldman coming to Theta Network.”

Expanding on the gamification of NFTs, animation and comic content, Earworm Media is also working with Tom Gervais of Fuel Foundry and Austin Patkos of Apex Technologies to further develop Theta games and applications, including the use of the CYK token to incentivize and reward the community.

“We’re excited to join Earworm Media in the Theta Network family”, said Tom Gervais of Fuel Foundry. “Together, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3 and delivering true innovation to the Theta community.”

Feldman will continue to partner with Rocketship Entertainment, the publishing and entertainment company he co-founded with Tom Akel, to produce content and physical redeemables as an integral part of the NFT experience.

Earworm Media’s commitment to the growth and development of the Theta Network sets the stage for even more exciting developments to come in the future, including the premiere of the much-anticipated Cyko KO animated series.