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Theta blockchain now compatible with Ethereum RPC API suite, Metamask, and development tools Truffle, Hardhat, and Remix

Theta’s vision for 2021 and beyond includes vastly expanded compatibility with Ethereum, allowing any Ethereum or ETH-compatible application to be ported over and run seamlessly on Theta blockchain with little to no changes. Now with the successful implementation of Theta 3.1.0 this week, the protocol has taken major steps toward that vision. Theta blockchain is now compatible with the Ethereum RPC API suite, Metamask, smart contract development tools like Truffle, Hardhat, and Remix, and libraries such as Web3.js, and ethers.js.

You can find documentation for how to use these tools with Theta blockchain here. For specific docs:

To help you get started, there are two demo implementations to review:

Demo 1: Creating NFTs on Theta Blockchain with Remix

Demo 2: Testing Uniswap V2 on a Theta Local Privatenet

Any questions? Interested developers can also reach the Theta team on Theta GitHub to get started building today. The next Theta Hackathon will also begin soon, so stay tuned for that announcement to participate and build the next great Theta dapps!



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