Theta Edge Cacher v1 beta released

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Jul 2 · 3 min read

We’re excited to announce the release of the beta version of the Theta Edge Cacher, allowing users to share their excess bandwidth resources as a caching node via a desktop client, without the need to be a viewer on any video platform. The beta Edge Cacher is included as an upgrade to the existing Theta Pre-Guardian Node client and can be downloaded for Windows PC here: PGN / beta Edge Cacher. While the client can be run on Mac/Linux using a Windows emulator, we will also release dedicated versions for those operating systems in the future.

Unlike watching a video on and sharing your stream, the beta Edge Cacher allows you to act as a pure relayer in the Theta Network. For the more dedicated contributors with significant bandwidth to share, the Edge Cacher is the way for you to share 24/7 in a relatively resource-light client. Your device will experience less CPU load than that of a regular relayer on, and since you aren’t running any browser, there aren’t any browser crashes or cache limits to deal with. Note, your eligibility to run the Edge Cacher is determined by your system’s performance. If your upload bandwidth is not sufficient to effectively contribute to the network you might not be peered with other users, since priority for those peer slots would be given to users who can best contribute to the network. The v1 beta does not offer real-time analytics of bandwidth performance, but you can monitor this using the Performance tab of Task Manager, or if you are more technically-inclined with a free network analyzer like Wireshark.

In this first iteration, TFUEL earnings will be distributed monthly to the on-chain Theta address you have verified in the PGN client. The fully-fledged version of the Edge Cacher, to be released later this year, will feature TFUEL earnings distributed directly to your address as you relay video data.

Other PGN/edge cacher client updates include:

  • Info section added, with direct links to Theta wallet, explorer, and website
  • An update installer that allows you to check for PGN/edge cacher updates and install directly
  • Various minor bug fixes, including the window minimization issue that some users reported

With 670+ active PGN clients running as of today, the overall network of Theta relayers just became a lot stronger with today’s release. Running the Edge Cacher doesn’t just let you earn TFUEL for sharing your bandwidth, it gives us valuable data to keep improving the Theta Network and the production Edge Cacher for later this year. To that end, please send us any feedback/issues with the Edge Cacher to We appreciate all the growing number of contributors to the Theta Network!


The Theta Team

*The production versions of the Guardian Node client and Edge Cacher will be separate applications; this combined version is only for the early PGN and beta Edge Cacher builds.

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