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Theta Edge Node v3.0.6 released to enable Mainnet 3.0 features

The latest step toward Mainnet 3.0 is now released! Theta Mainnet 3.0 will go into effect at blockheight 10968061 (approximately 12pm-3pm PT Wednesday June 30, 2021).

Note: MacOS users should see their Edge Node updating already, with Windows users to follow in the next few hours. Also, Linux users — the long-awaited Linux Edge Node is scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

Theta Edge Node has been upgraded to v3.0.6 with several new features:

  • TFUEL Staking will be enabled on the Edge Node on June 30 at approximately 12pm-3pm PT. By clicking Stake TFUEL on the left side of the Edge Node screen, you’ll see your Edge Node Holder (Summary) used for depositing your TFUEL to stake:

Starting at Mainnet 3.0 launch on June 30, the Theta Wallet will allow you to stake your TFUEL to this Edge Node address. In the Stakes section of your Theta Wallet, click Deposit Stake and you’ll see a new Edge Node section you can select:

TFuel staking works similar to staking Theta tokens to a Guardian Node. Earnings will accrue back to the wallet you staked from, and staked TFuel can only be withdrawn back to the wallet you staked from. Upon withdrawal of your TFuel, there is a ~60 hour unstaking period before your staked tokens will appear back in your Theta Wallet.

  • Streamlined Edge Node wallet function —now one wallet will be used for both EdgeCast and Edge Cache/Compute earnings. This address will be assigned to each Edge Node randomly. Please note that this wallet is only stored on your local computer! If your computer is lost or hard drive destroyed, you will lose access to this Edge Node wallet and any tokens there if you don’t back it up. If you expect to have a significant amount of tokens, we recommend that you use the Export Wallet as Keystore option in the dropdown menu, set a keystore password, and then take the keystore file sent to your Downloads folder and back it up on a separate computer.
  • Wallet Send feature to send your TFUEL earnings to any other Theta Wallet you have. Just click Open Wallet on the left side of the Edge Node interface, then enter the address and token type/amount you want to send to your other Theta Wallet address:

Note: the final pre-EEN rewards will be sent in July, comprised of the earnings for work done in both May and June. These pending earnings will be removed in the new version to reduce confusion.

An updated Theta Wallet will follow shortly to prepare for Mainnet 3.0 launch on June 30!




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