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Jul 12, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m excited to announce that Kyle Okamoto, Chief Network Officer of Verizon Digital Media Services, is joining us at Theta as a strategic advisor.

Kyle is currently the Chief Network Officer at Verizon Digital Media Services, overseeing the Network, Technology and Operations businesses and one of the original employees of the VDMS startup. Kyle has worked for Verizon for many years in a number of leadership roles as well as at several start-ups in the social enterprise and digital media space. He’s been instrumental in the AOL and Yahoo integration as well as the EdgeCast Networks, UpLynk and Volicon acquisitions that currently form the foundation of Verizon Digital Media Services.

“I was an early adopter of Ethereum, and been following blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2014. Theta is probably one of the best real world business use cases I’ve seen in the space. From my experience at Verizon, I’m convinced that a decentralized video infrastructure like Theta network could transform the existing media and entertainment industry. Theta has the promise to not only improve streaming efficiency and quality of service, but through the Theta token incentive structure to differentiate and build new revenue opportunities.

— Kyle Okamoto

In addition to his day job at Verizon Digital Media Services overseeing a global team, Kyle also serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the Robert Chinn Foundation and the Asian Pacific Employees for eXcellence (APEX), a philanthropic organization he led for over 6 years. He’s an active angel investor and advisor to several social enterprise and technology start-ups, and a fan of golf.

Kyle has a BE from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from New York University and spends his time in Los Angeles and New York.

Welcome on-board, Kyle!

Mitch Liu

CEO, Theta Labs

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Theta Network

Next generation video delivery powered by you

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