Theta Labs announces launch of test channel with Korean cable news network Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN)

Theta Labs
Nov 1, 2018 · 2 min read
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We’re proud to announce the launch of the 3rd Theta test channel — MBN news network, the largest business news channel in South Korea! The channel is now live broadcasting 24-hour content from MBN, powered by the Theta protocol and available to users in South Korea (or anyone browsing with a VPN pointed to South Korea):

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Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN) began its first broadcast as an official news channel of South Korea in 1995. As a 24-hour news provider, MBN opened a new horizon of news broadcasting. In 2010, along with three other newspaper giants in South Korea, MBN acquired the “General Programming Cable TV Channel” license. This gave MBN the opportunity to not only broadcast news programs, but also provide programs in other various genres, such as soap operas and entertainment variety shows.

MBN is a subsidiary of Maekyung Media Group, a diversified media company owning publishing, broadcasting and digital properties including MBN, Maeil Business Newspaper (daily economic and business newspaper), Mmoney (Business news TV channel), (Business and economic news portal site/, (Maeil Business Newspaper’s English news site) and Maekyung Economy (Weekly economic and business news magazine).

We’re excited to test the Theta Network in a new vertical with business news, and there are more partner channels on the way! Thank you to everyone in our community for your continued support and feedback.

The Theta Team

Theta Network

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