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Theta Labs partners with gumi Cryptos to enter Japan market

Theta Network is the leading video delivery protocol powered by blockchain, and we envision it becoming critical infrastructure for video and data delivery worldwide. An important step in that goal is reaching the Japan market, which is a global leader in content and media, as well as an early adopter of crypto technology. Our partner in entering this market is gumi Cryptos, a market leader in blockchain and gaming in Japan.

gumi Cryptos is already a key stakeholder in the Theta Network, operating a Theta Enterprise Validator Node and participating in block production and governance of the Theta Network alongside Samsung, Binance, and Blockchain Ventures. Now, expanding our partnership with gumi Cryptos, we’ve signed a new business development agreement to work together introducing Theta technology to Japanese media companies. gumi Cryptos will also leverage their experience in the Japanese crypto market to guide Theta through Japan Financial Services Agency’s regulatory process for approving new crypto assets.

gumi Cryptos Inc. is the representative member of gumi Cryptos Capital, which is the blockchain/crypto venture fund launched by gumi Inc., a publicly-traded leading global mobile game publisher and developer ( gumi Cryptos Capital offers its portfolio companies a strategic venture capital investment partner with unique access to the Japan cryptocurrency market through its network of investors and management board. Since launching in 2018, gumi Cryptos Capital has invested in many top crypto projects including Origin, Evercoin, Spacemesh, Opensea and Vega Protocol.

“As an early supporter of the Theta Network, we’re excited to see the protocol continue to expand its reach into Japan,” said Hironao Kunimitsu, Representative Director of gumi Cryptos. “Japan is a world leader in crypto adoption and a perfect fit for a protocol like Theta with real-world usage.”

“With Theta Mainnet 2.0 launching at the end of May, it’s the perfect time to start expanding to new global markets,” said Theta CEO Mitch Liu. “We expect widespread adoption for Theta Network in 2020, and Japan will be a key part of our strategy”.



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