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Theta Labs granted U.S. Patent 10,771,524 for “Methods and systems for a decentralized data streaming and delivery network”

Earlier today, Theta Labs’ was granted a U.S. Patent for its innovation in “Methods and systems for a decentralized data streaming and delivery network”. This groundbreaking patent secures Theta Network as the first and only successful blockchain-based decentralized video protocol.

The Theta blockchain is open-source (here on the Theta GitHub), and always will be so that users, platforms, and tokenholders are ensured full transparency of the blockchain and can view and audit any associated code. However, it is important during these early days of the Theta Network that tokenholders and their value are protected as well. To do this, Theta Labs sought and received a patent for decentralized data streaming that ensures Theta tokenholders remain central to the Theta ecosystem.

The full patent filing can be found here, and is summarized below:

Methods and systems for delivering data contents among peer nodes in a decentralized data delivery network are disclosed. The network comprises peer-to-peer (P2P) connections implemented on top of a content delivery network (CDN) having CDN servers that provide fragments of data files to network nodes. Such a hybrid network comprises viewer nodes, edge cacher nodes, tracker servers, and optionally a payment server. A smart tracker provides caching instructions to guide cachers in storing, delivering, and relaying content to viewer nodes. The smart tracker also provides peer lists to viewer nodes, by selecting active cacher nodes to provide access to data fragments, based on network locations and/or geolocations of neighboring nodes, and a content data type of the desired data file. A software development kit (SDK) is provided for integration into existing third-party content viewers so that the functionality of the hybrid network is available to users via existing content viewers.

Want to use the Theta’s decentralized streaming protocol for your own video platform? Join the community at Theta GitHub or contact the team any time at!



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