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Theta Labs welcomes Andrea Berry as Head of Business Development

We’re happy to announce the addition of Andrea Berry as Head of Business Development at Theta Labs! Andrea has a deep background in the video space from prior business development roles at Vimeo and Kaltura, and will be focusing her efforts on Theta video integrations and Theta Video API.

Andrea Berry is a thought leader in media and technology and has spent the last 15 years at the intersection of original content, emerging platforms, and strategic partnerships. Andrea’s innovation, technical fluency, and extensive network of industry relationships have allowed her to fuel new revenue streams, driving growth for the companies she has worked for.

When Andrea joined Kaltura, the world’s first open-source video platform, she was early in identifying the transformation from linear to digital video. She helped emerging and traditional media companies build out their online video strategy to transform their businesses. It was here that she helped launch the first direct-to-consumer live-music OTT service, Qello Concerts, a team she would join years later to help the founder transform it into a white-label b2b platform, Qello Media Services. This platform focused on sports, music, and entertainment and after both of these businesses were acquired, she joined Vimeo as their first strategic sales director for their enterprise offering. At Vimeo, Andrea built and implemented the channel sales program in addition to launching dozens of OTT channels across various industries.

Andrea prides herself on her technical knowledge base in online video, which allows her to strategically bridge the gap between business and technology groups within organizations. She’s been called a “Video Nerd” and proudly owns it.

Welcome to the Theta team, Andrea!




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