Theta Mainnet — post-snapshot FAQs

The Theta mainnet snapshot is complete! We completed the snapshot at Ethereum block 7,356,258 at 7:45:36pm UTC, details here:


  1. Did the Theta mainnet snapshot block pass?

Yes, per EtherScan it occurred when this Ethereum block was mined:

Block Height:
11 mins ago (Mar-12–2019 07:45:36 PM +UTC)

We are currently comparing our snapshot to the Ethereum record and will announce when we’ve confirmed it’s accuracy.

2. When will the Theta mainnet launch?

At 7pm UTC on Friday, March 15th

3. I have my Theta Tokens in the Theta wallet, what happens now?

On Friday when they mainnet launches your Theta wallet will show that you have mainnet Theta tokens at a 1:1 ratio, as well as 1:5 Theta Fuel

4. I have my Theta Tokens in an exchange, what happens now?

Your Theta Tokens are effectively Theta mainnet tokens now. Exchanges will open up deposit/withdrawals after the mainnet launch. If you sell your Theta Tokens, then they are gone. You will not receive new ones on Friday when the mainnet launches. Exchanges will distribute Theta Fuel based solely on who held Theta Tokens at the time of the snapshot. If you sell your Theta Tokens now, you will get Theta Fuel for the number of Theta Tokens you held at the snapshot time. If you buy more Theta Tokens now, you will not receive the Theta Fuel associated with those Theta Tokens because you didn’t own them at the time of the snapshot.

5. When will my Theta Fuel show up in my exchange account? When can I trade it?

Each exchange will decide when to credit the Theta Fuel to your account, but most likely it will be on Friday when the mainnet launches. Theta Fuel listing is a separate process that the Theta team is working on with all major exchanges. As with all token listings, we cannot discuss any specifics about this process.