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Theta Network adoption on the rise ahead of Mainnet 2.0

With Theta Mainnet 2.0 about to launch, by any metric Theta Network is growing rapidly.

Edge Nodes on Theta Network have passed 1,821 active nodes — just 6 days ago after first breaking 1,000! These 1,821 nodes are actively relaying video streams over the Theta Network to their nearby peers, creating the global edge network that will power video delivery for platforms around the world.

On-chain transactions have more than doubled in the past week as users ready their Theta wallets for Guardian Node staking on Mainnet 2.0:

On Theta testnet, the number of Guardian Nodes running has reached 499 ready to make the transition to Theta mainnet (who wants to be #500?)

And by social reach, Theta is right up there with the most talked about blockchain projects after BTC and ETH:

It’s all led up to this! Theta Mainnet 2.0 goes LIVE tomorrow at Theta block 5,877,350, currently estimated around 2pm PST. For more info, check out the Mainnet 2.0 FAQs. Most importantly, none of this would be possible without the Theta community, many running Guardian Nodes and ready to take the next step in operating and governing the Theta Network. Thank you all and we look forward to Mainnet 2.0 release tomorrow!


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