Theta Token Sale Success

Dear Theta supporters,

I’d like to thank you and the entire Theta community for supporting us throughout this token sale process. We’re thrilled that so many of you are excited about using Theta tokens on platforms like, where millions of esports fans can engage with their favorite streamers. We are truly grateful to have had such a supportive and growing community backing us along the way. Speaking on behalf of the entire Theta team, we want to share our appreciation for you all, as we look forward to seeing Theta’s continued success with such a great community behind it.

In 2018, you can expect new native blockchain functionalities such as support for premium services, virtual goods purchase, and other key features for all stakeholders in the streaming value chain. With your help, our mission is to build the first decentralized streaming network by letting you share devices, resources and bandwidth — and benefit from doing so by mining Theta tokens. Our ultimate vision is to realize that “whoever contributes value/data will be rewarded”. At, we’ve been experimenting with this in a closed community for almost a year, and now we are confident about bringing it to the broader video community.

In the past month since Theta’s debut, we had an overwhelming interest in our private presale. We deeply appreciate the support we’ve gained from all parts of the world. We were oversubscribed and had to cut back most of the presale in order to protect our hardcap. We believe in self-discipline and “running lean” in order to achieve long term success for the whole community.

In light of this, and after consulting with our advisors including our legal counsel, we have decided to cancel our public token sale that was scheduled for January 8, 2018. We truly appreciate your support, your time and attention to our project, as part of our success lies in having such an amazing community. For those who passed our KYC, and whitelisted a wallet address as of January 3, we may airdrop some Theta tokens as a token of our appreciation. Stay tuned for the date and amount of our airdrop, we’ll post on our website when ready.

Happy and healthy new year, to a great 2018!


Mitch Liu

CEO, / Theta Labs