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Theta version 3.1.2 released with fixes for Trezor transaction signing, update to go into effect at block height 12,749,952, approximately 6pm Sunday 11/7 PT

Theta version 3.1.2 has now been released, containing fixes that will allow Trezor users to successful sign transactions. The hard fork for this update will happen at height 12,749,952, approximately 6pm Sunday 11/7 PT. The Trezor fixes will only be enabled after the hard fork at that height. There is no change to any tokens from this hard fork, and you do not need to take any action to keep your THETA/TFUEL tokens safe.

Since this is a hard fork, for those running the CLI version of the GNs, an update is mandatory. If you are running theta from Ubuntu command line (or from Google Marketplace), please download the latest binary with the following command. Please replace <THETA_BIN_PATH> with the parent folder of the theta binary you are running with:

curl -k --output <THETA_BIN_PATH>/theta `curl 
-k ''`
curl -k --output <THETA_BIN_PATH>/thetacli
`curl -k ''`

If you are compiling from the source code, please checkout the latest source code from the release branch. Version code: Version 3.1.2 cdf84379e85bb75d8f11ce2f5a1897c5134c9669

We appreciate your patience for this update, since as a hard fork it required significant testing before release. Trezor users will be able to use their devices with Theta Wallet normally after the update is effective at block 12,749,952.




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