Theta Video API adds Studio DRM for NFT-gated video

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3 min readDec 13, 2022


We’re excited to announce that Theta Video API has added Studio DRM for NFT-gated video, a key step toward adoption of decentralized streaming by major Hollywood movie studios.

Theta Video API previously released support for basic NFT DRM in May, a groundbreaking innovation in video delivery. NFT DRM represents a new way to return power to the content creators, by allowing them to direct control over their own content distribution. Unlike the DRM most people are familiar with, where a content publisher may arbitrarily revoke your access to content you already purchase, NFT DRM means your access to the content is verifiable and irrevocable on-chain in the form of an immutable NFT. It also means more protection for content creators, since they can verify that only people that acquired the appropriate NFT have access to the content represented by that NFT.

However, movie studios require a higher level of security in their DRM technology, to prevent events like movie leaks that can cost them 10s of millions of dollars. To make TVA a viable technology for use by studios then, it was required to upgrade Theta NFT DRM to Studio DRM specifications, the highest level of security that a streaming platform can provide to content owners/creators. Studio DRM allows you to control how and when viewers will consume content, providing the ability to comply with copyright licensing by restricting the playback of the content and preventing the unauthorized distribution of the content. By adding this support, Theta Video API immediately becomes a viable distribution platform for content from any of the major movie studios, a first in blockchain video delivery infrastructure.

Below you can find instructions to demo Studio DRM, compatible with Microsoft Playready and Google Widevine DRM suites. Note: At this time only standard NFT DRM is available on Theta Mainnet. Studio NFT DRM is available on Testnet and on Mainnet for select partners, with full public release coming soon.

Demo Guide for Viewers of Theta NFT DRM Streams

To access the demo video protected by Theta Studio DRM, users need to use MetaMask wallet to prove that they are owners of NFT collections that are published on either Theta network or Ethereum.

Below we are using a demo video that requires users to own NFTs from a collection on Theta Testnet. The flow is similar for NFTs on Ethereum.

One-time Setup

Users need to have MetaMask installed on their browser, and have it connected to the correct network.

  1. Make sure the MetaMask extension is installed for your browser. (Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Add the test private key 3dc5a139c3753d94c057555b5773506163d060ee5f30ace701a075ec206bd526 to MetaMask
  1. . The corresponding account address for this private key is 0xeC2a725E3855275c0C7CD725bF0Dc7Be95DCA517
  2. Add Theta Testnet to MetaMask by following the official guide

Unlock the Video

1. Click the connect wallet button and sign a message to prove your identity.

2. After the signature is verified by the backend, the player will be able to retrieve the decryption key and start playing the video.