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Theta Video API now supporting Edge Livestreaming Ingest service

Theta Video API continues to advance with the next step in decentralized streaming — the Edge Livestreaming Ingest service. This is the first step towards totally decentralized ingest/encoding/transcoding for livestreaming across Theta Video API, and ultimately the world’s first end-to-end decentralized streaming solution.

Until now, Theta Video API (TVA) distributed video via decentralized Edge Nodes, but the ingest service (used to upload new videos to the network) still relied on centralized cloud services like AWS. Now, during this test phase video ingest to TVA is completed by a group of Theta Edge Nodes currently run by Theta Labs in cloud instances. After testing to confirm the service is working efficiently, the TVA service will switch to run on Theta users’ public Edge Nodes, allowing Edge Node operators more opportunities to earn TFUEL by providing encoding and transcoding services to the Edge Network.

Along with EdgeStore decentralized storage, decentralized encoding/transcoding is a core focus for Theta in 2023 and will bring many new opportunities for Edge Nodes to earn rewards. Stay tuned for updates soon on how you can use your Edge Node to earn more TFUEL than ever.

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