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Theta Wallet v3.0.1 released to enable TFuel staking at block height 10,968,061 on June 30

Theta Wallet has been upgraded to v3.0.1 for iOS, Android, desktop web, and Chrome extension versions. This new version adds the TFuel staking feature, allowing users to stake their TFuel tokens to their Theta Edge Node. For more information on the Edge Node and how to run your own, see the latest update or start with the Edge Node documentation.

Theta Mainnet 3.0 will go into effect at blockheight 10,968,061 (approximately 12pm-3pm PT Wednesday June 30, 2021). At that point, TFuel staking will begin on Theta blockchain. If you’re already running a Guardian Node and staking your Theta tokens, the process will be familiar to you. In the Stakes section of your Theta Wallet, click Deposit Stake and you’ll see a new Edge Node section you can select:

Select Edge Node, then you’ll be prompted for the Edge Node Holder (Summary) and the amount of TFuel you want to stake. See the Edge Node update announcement for the steps to access the Holder (Summary) for your Edge Node.

TFuel staking works similar to staking Theta tokens to a Guardian Node. Earnings will accrue back to the wallet you staked from, and staked TFuel can only be withdrawn back to the wallet you staked from. At this time there is a minimum of 10,000 TFuel and maximum of 500,000 TFuel that can be staked to each Edge Node, in order to encourage decentralization and an increased number of Edge Nodes. Upon withdrawal of your TFuel, there is a ~60 hour unstaking period before your staked tokens will appear back in your Theta Wallet.

Please note that post-mainnet launch, the Pre-Elite Edge Node staking amount on testnet will be removed, and replaced with the count of mainnet staking:

There will likely be a transition period where Theta community is just getting started staking on mainnet, so the stated number will decline temporarily, before increasing to a much larger number as mainnet staking gets underway.

At block height 10,968,061 on June 30th, TFuel staking will begin! Stay tuned to the Theta Medium blog and Twitter tomorrow for the latest updates on Mainnet 3.0 and the official word that the hard fork was successful and TFuel staking has begun.



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