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Theta Web Wallet source code released

We’re happy to announce that today we’re open sourcing the code to the Theta Web Wallet, providing additional transparency to the Theta ecosystem. The code can be found on Theta GitHub here:

Theta Wallet source code

In addition to the standard wallet functionalities like sending and receiving Theta/TFuel, this reference implementation of the Theta Web Wallet also allows the user to deploy and interact with smart contracts running on the Theta blockchain. To see the Theta Web Wallet in action, please visit

With this release, Theta community users can now independently verify the security and legitimacy of the wallet code, and even create their own Theta Wallet interface if desired.

Community-built Theta wallets will continue the rise of community tools we’ve seen in Theta ecosystem, from the ThetaScan block explorer, to GuardianMonitor for tracking the health of the Guardian Node network, to community staking pools like GPool. Several of these projects were winners of the 1st Theta Hackathon, and received THETA token incentives to keep up the good work building out their projects. More hackathons will be coming to continue the progress made from these Theta ecosystem projects.

Theta ecosystem tools will continue to be open sourced going forward, including a suite of tools to aid in developing and interacting with smart contracts on Theta blockchain! These will bridge the gap from Theta smart contracts on the Smart Contract Sandbox into production-ready Dapps for Theta Mainnet. Stay tuned for these upcoming releases in Q4 2020.

Please note if you are a Theta tokenholder, just because community Theta wallets may be built now, doesn’t mean you can trust every wallet you see online! You still must always consider the source and be watchful for scam/phishing wallets. The official Theta Web Wallet is We encourage any community-built wallets to release their source-code as well to be transparent to Theta users.



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