Rise of Visual Documentation Talk at THETA Microconference 11/10

Business opportunities abound for people who understand that 360 images are visual documentation

HDRI file holding light and color data from 12 RICOH THETA images

I’m presenting, The Rise of Visual Documentation, at the theta360.guide microconference in San Jose this weekend.

Here’s some of the main points.

  • $3 billion investment in AR/VR in 2017 is spread across many industries
  • We are on the frontier. Opportunities exist for developers, photographers, expert users
  • Using 360 images as data may make you more money

Business Examples

Forensic science

Forensic science system with the RICOH THETA by OSCR360
  • Deep understanding of an industry such as law enforcement can open opportunities

Sensor Overlay

Radiation sensor overlay by H3D, Inc

VFX Light and Reflection Sensors

Creating light and reflection for 3D models with RICOH THETA images

Data Collection

RICOH THETA Used as Visual Data Collector by Vtrus


Stereoscopic RICOH THETA system mounted on Segway

VFX Projects

RICOH THETA Used by VFX professionals. Photo from VFX Voice

Street View Projects

Using RICOH THETA V 5.4K video automatically converted to Street View images by Google Cloud

Securing Budget — community anecdotes for getting money for your RICOH THETA business opportunities

Using the RICOH THETA as a visual data sensor

THETA V tips for telepresence

Plug-in ideas you can build

Deep Learning Object Identification

Automatically detect and classify objects

Tensorflow example automatically finds people in RICOH THETA images

Information Available Only at Microconference

To respect the privacy of the researchers, partners, and developers we work with, the slides and video recording for the presentation will not be published online. Many of the examples are for pre-production and research systems. I don’t want to give away too much information that could be used by competing research or commercial projects.

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