Five open questions to OnePlus on their great, OP5

OnePlus 5 with its unmatched specs for a considerably cheaper rate might have impressed most of the sudden OnePlus enthusiasts, but frankly, the true fans were disappointed about it.

Image Credits : Android Authority

So, what is so disappointing the fans, when everything with OnePlus 5 seems to be more than worth the money, at least when compared with the likes of Samsung and iPhone?

Well, if you had not known yet, know now, that OnePlus 5 had officially released and that’s where it started contradicting with its own principles. The fundamental principle of OnePlus is that “a good product would sell itself”, i.e., a good phone does not need marketing, except the “word-of-mouth” marketing that its users would do. So, since OnePlus has invested a lot on marketing this time, does that mean that OnePlus 5 is not a good phone? If not, what is so different with OnePlus 5 that they have to leave their core value and start advertising so explicitly?

Secondly, it is so apparent that the price ratio between a high-end phone and an OnePlus phone with similar specs, has dropped from around 40–50 percent during its previous phones to less than 20 percent in OnePlus 5. So, the tagline “flagship killers” does not work for them anymore. OnePlus is not doing what it is supposed to do.

Taking price into consideration, what is so better about OnePlus 5 over OnePlus 3/3T that they have given such a price hike? That leads to the third question. During a previous interview, Pete Lou had challenged other smartphone makers that no other company could follow their business model (except Apple, which OnePlus sees as an inspiration). That was kind of true. Leave other companies. With a price hike for not-an-exceptional product, even OnePlus could not follow its own model.

Now comes the excuse. Since, no other company has done anything exceptional in the past one year, OnePlus has got nothing to do efficiently for an affordable price. I guess they have considered Apple’s dual camera alone as the exceptional feature of the previous year. So, they have decided to be an Apple of Android. Wait a minute! Isn’t that supposed to be Xaomi’s job? But that’s not the fourth question.

The fourth question is what OnePlus is waiting for. Google, Apple and the giants are already up with their ideas to bring additional qualities such as better display, efficient wireless charging etc. and when they release, OnePlus would probably be sitting with their fans and realizing that they have already lost the race. Perhaps, OnePlus is following Blackberry’s idea of losing and going out of the market just like that.

Not to mention that wonderful ad that featured the likes of Amitabh Bachchan. Did OnePlus seriously believe that Indians are stupid enough to buy a device just by seeing their favorite actors in an ad? Now that rises the fifth question. Where is the craze, OnePlus? Where is all that hype, which OnePlus have earned so far? Why isn’t there a celebration all around similar to the previous releases of OnePlus phones? Or, do OnePlus think that by adding superstitions such as releasing the phone in black and skipping the unlucky number 4, they could sell phones without any of their core values?

Come on OnePlus! Fans don’t want you to do this. They want their OnePlus to be their OnePlus.

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