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Four Telos BPs ally to define the European blockchain

Last January CTIC Technology Centre, the parent organization of The Teloscope BP, submitted a proposal to the European Commission for designing and piloting the future European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

This initiative aims to deliver EU-wide cross-border public services using blockchain technology with the highest standards of security and privacy. Currently the European Commission operates the core EBSI building blocks, and some Member States also operate EBSI nodes using existing blockchain technologies (Hyperledger Besu & Fabric) and developing use cases that can be implemented in a relatively short time frame.

But the future evolution of the EBSI requires new, improved blockchain technologies and solutions that enable the delivery of more demanding cross-border blockchain services (e.g. regarding higher performances, security, interoperability, robustness, sustainability, compliance with legal framework).

And this is where we believe that pushing the adoption at the heart of Europe of a blockchain network based on EOSIO technology can have a very positive impact on networks such as Telos. We believe winning the tender would lead to the mass adoption of EOSIO in Europe. Hence, four Telos BPs allied to face this big challenge: The Teloscope, EOS Amsterdam, CryptoLions and eosDublin.

Tecnalia, another research centre in Spain, and the University of Oviedo, are also onboard. During more than a month we all debated and wrote together a winning proposal. Even, the software firm that develops EOSIO open-source software that powers Telos blockchain and many others, has privately expressed their support to our joint proposal.

We hope to be one of the projects finally selected by the European Commission so we can give you the good news at the end of this month, or maybe the next one. Let’s wait and see… Fingers crossed! 🤞

And in any case, even if we didn’t win, the joint work we have done reinforces the collaboration between BPs that makes any network stronger. 💪 If you appreciate the work these teams continue to do behind the scenes to build awareness for Telos and EOSIO please consider voting for them.



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