Get a Free Telos Account in Seconds through The Teloscope Bot

To create your free account just pick a name, provide public keys and the Telos Foundation will pay the creation cost

The Teloscope
Feb 17 · 4 min read

We believe that Telos, launched less than a year ago, is the best blockchain for deploying dapps today. But we also think that free and easy Telos account creation is vital to attracting new users. And what better way then than to use the apps you already have and love?

Now if you have a Telegram account you can get a free Telos account, compliments of the Telos Foundation who has deposited funds for about 2 million free new user accounts.

First-come, first-served!

Open a chat with The Teloscope Bot, press Free Telos Accountor type /freetelosacct and follow the instructions. You just need to fill in the account name and the keys.

Please note that you must have a username in Telegram, not just a display name, in order for the bot to chat with you. So please make sure you set one in the TG app settings before asking the bot for a free Telos account. You can easily set a TG @username by going to Settings -> Username and typing an available name.

The account name must be 12 characters long, and can contain lowercase (a-z) and certain digits (1–5). In case of non availability of the name the bot will warn you.

Or if you prefer, you can search in advance availability of names using a block explorer like TF MONITOR, EOSX or TELOSTRACKER.

For the public owner and active keys we recommend you copy-paste new ones created with a secure key pair generator service like the one from TF MONITOR.

And please back up all your keys and do not share your private key with anyone! Neither The Teloscope Bot not the Telos Foundation store any key for you, and there is no way to recover a private key.

It’s important you also protect yourself from scammers. Beware of anyone impersonating our bot! The Teloscope Bot will never ask you for private keys, passwords, Telegram codes or crypto/money. Just click on the photo/avatar of the bot you are talking to, to check the username and compare this with @TeloscopeBot

“I’m your financial bot… please give me your private key” (Scam alert! Don’t do it!)

Also, keep in mind that by creating a Telos account, you agree to be bound by the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement. This governing document describes the rights and responsibilities of becoming a member of Telos, so it is highly recommended reading it before creating your first account.

You need a minimum amount of TLOS tokens in order to set up a new Telos account. So for you to get one for free, the Telos Foundation will pay for your account’s initial RAM, CPU, and Network. Moreover, in a few minutes the bot will confirm that your new account is fully operative by sending you a Telegram message with information about your account.

From then on, you can use your account for a wide range of actions: send and receive TLOS, buy RAM, stake/unstake CPU and/or Network, in-app purchases (dapps), vote for block producers (BPs), delegation of voting to a proxy, etc.

And, if you wish, you can use the bot’s subscription service to receive new alerts on Telegram whenever new actions occur on your new Telos account. To do so please read the bot’s user guide.

Welcome to Telos, the best blockchain ever!


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

The Teloscope

Written by is a non-profit EOSIO Block Producer


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

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