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The Teloscope report: 1–29 February ’20

Autonomous vehicles, operation fault detection, classic games brought to the crypto world… our minds keep working on an increasingly wider adoption of the Telos blockchain network.

BP Infrastructure

At the end of each month we report here about the monthly performance and status of The Teloscope Telos Block Producer.

Source: Aloha BP Benchmarks

Our nodes are still running EOSIO software version 1.8 because stability issues with newer version 2 persist. We covered this in our previous report (January) and, like most Telos BPs, we prefer not to take risks with something so serious. As usual, we achieved the best performance among BPs running the most stable software version.

February has been a fairly stable month for The Teloscope popularity. The graph shows an oscillation between the sixth and seventh position, with a greater presence in the latter.

Applications and Tools

The training of the cider makers’ staff who will register all the information sourced from their manufacturing processes has finished. One of the companies has even re-designed the back label adhered to every cider bottle to include a QR code that will direct consumers to the Telos-based traceability application.

We have also completed some adjustments to the software that were deemed appropriate, such as the inclusion of information on tasting notes for the batches of cider bottles produced. As you can see, once the tests are over, we are getting closer to taking this project to the streets! 💪

Meanwhile, we are also in contact with another company, not cider-related, who saw the potential of using this application for tracking many other types of products, and would wants us to make a software update so they can attract other industries to the blockchain paradigm. We’ll keep you posted.

Telos blockchain is also at the heart of a project proposal that a company in our area has recently submitted to Blockpool’s Open Call. This company manufactures and sells an autonomous and multi-purpose platform, specially designed for agroforestry applications.

Maybe you had the chance to see a cute little robot (proxibots) that wandered around Telos’ space for a while. This time, this machine weighs over half a metric ton and is serious robotics.

The aim of their project is the secure registration of vehicle/machinery events using Telos blockchain. This way the autonomous vehicle will share its relevant operating data with all allowed parties involved in vehicle maintenance and operation. The Teloscope / CTIC would develop (if the proposal is finally approved) all the software for this project with the help of engineers from the company, who are responsible for the communication hardware of the machine.

We foresee many potential applications and processes that could be managed with this system, and it will be part of the project to asses which ones have better chances of success for the company, such as a machinery rental business or others.

As you probably know we are constantly trying out new things, even if there is not yet a clear ‘buyer’ for them. 😆 This is something that is usual for us, as we are also part of a research centre.

This is the case of two new proofs of concept (PoC) that we have started to build, in order to show them at two forthcoming events and that will also become part of a demonstration space we have in our building.

The first one that is almost completed is a full-size table soccer with added IoT sensors, whose scoreboard is virtual and, of course, based on Telos blockchain network. Before the game the application gets the Telos accounts of each player, and when the game ends, it rewards the winner with a pre-set bag of tokens. Simple yet attractive! 😀

The second PoC will be more industrial-oriented. The idea is to carry out real-time acoustic diagnostics for issues in motors by using consumer grade sensors. It will consist of an electric motor and a microphone connected to a microcontroller, all of them inside a box.

Tentative logo and (very) early-stages of the hardware assembly. We intend to present this PoC for the first time at the Blockchain Expo Global 2020 London.

The operating harmonics will be continuously measured and when one of them is detected as out of range, an event will be recorded in the Telos blockchain. We believe that the many applications and possible derivatives of this PoC can lead to something very interesting. We are really excited about it!


Our second proposal asking the Telos community for a helping hand in keeping Chainspector up to date with the latest Telos governance features was approved by a large majority within the voters.

We thank you all very much for the great support and for all your comments🙏. We will try our best to make it available with quality and as soon as possible.

Alvaro Arias, member of The Teloscope team, will be attending the Blockchain Expo Global 2020 event in London. This will be the third time we are collaborating with TF and the rest of the BPs present at the Telos booth. Last year Emilio was at this same event in London, while Luis was at the one held in Amsterdam.

If the current covid-19 crisis does not prevent us from being there, The Teloscope will be able to show some of its Telos-based PoCs.

Update: After writing this report, on March 9th Jim from Telos Foundation announced the cancellation of this event.

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team. You can also check previous reports from The Teloscope.

The Teloscope is an independent non-profit block producer. The revenue we get from any service we provide to the network is fully invested in our BP infrastructure, as well as in tools and services for the community. Please visit our Code of Conduct to know more about these principles.

You can support us by including theteloscope among the list of BPs that deserve your vote.



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