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The Teloscope report: 1–31 January ’20

Comments made by voters to Telos Works proposals have increased, and even more detailed explanations are provided. Chainspector’s latest feature is proving to be a success! 🚀

BP Infrastructure

At the end of each month we report here about the monthly performance and status of The Teloscope Telos Block Producer.

As soon as the Telos BPs started upgrading their servers on main net to EOSIO 2.0 the battle for CPU supremacy began.

Telos Mainnet CPU Wars (reload page to see animation again)
Sometimes it is necessary to take one step back in order to take two steps forward

After our update, we entered into battle with EOSza for the lowest possible times. We both hit 0.1 ms sometimes, so… who would you bet on to win in the long run? ✌️

Although we proved our capacity to keep on being the fastest Tx processing Telos BP candidate, we have opted for switching our producer node back to the previous and more reliable 1.8 version of the EOSIO software. There are still some compatibility issues between the 1.8 and 2.0 nodes coexisting on the same network, where 2.0 nodes can render some 1.8 nodes “comatose”. So we feel most BPs should stay on 1.8 until we figure out all corner cases and all bugs are ironed out.

Finally, this month The Teloscope has recovered support from an important proxy, thus we have climbed two places in the Telos BPs’ ranking by votes.

Applications and Tools

This month we have seen an increase in the number and detail of comments by voters for the proposals submitted to Telos Works system.

The usefulness of this functionality recently added to is therefore confirmed. The proposers are grateful to know the reasons of the direction of the votes received, because this way they can improve aspects of their proposals before the end of the voting period.

We’ve also published a comprehensive guide that covers in great detail all the modules of the application, so you don’t miss any of their many features.

Regarding new software developments, after having added the new commenting feature to the Telos Works module, we are now addressing the changes and improvements we will need to make to upgrade Chainspector to the new Telos Decide governance system. And this involves a substantial amount of work, because there are several new features to be implemented.


At the beginning of the month, we launched a reward challenge giving away 1000 TLOS to incentivize Telos Works participation. We encouraged users to vote for any of the ongoing Telos Worker proposals and write a comment linked to their vote. We reviewed all comments and sent weekly tips to elegible accounts.

By mid of the month The Teloscope launched its first very own proposal to compensate us for work on Chainspector that we have already done and delivered.

And at the end of the month we submitted a new proposal asking the Community for a helping hand in keeping Chainspector up to date with the latest Telos governance features.

We thank you very much for the great support that both proposals have received, and for all your comments on both that help us to improve. 🙏

Luis Meijueiro, member of The Teloscope team, represented us and our parent organization, CTIC, at the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona, Spain, on 20 January 2020.

In addition to participating in the last panel of the day, Luis took the opportunity to meet with a great BP on Telos, EOSBarcelona and its owner Josep. And of course, we gave him a gift: one of the cider bottles that are traced by the solution we developed on Telos. Enjoy it mate!

During session breaks for networking we introduced Telos to several relevant stakeholders of the Spanish blockchain scene. They were very interested in knowing more about the governance aspects of Telos and how to participate and develop applications.

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team. You can also check previous reports from The Teloscope.

The Teloscope is an independent non-profit block producer. The revenue we get from any service we provide to the network is fully invested in our BP infrastructure, as well as in tools and services for the community. Please visit our Code of Conduct to know more about these principles.

You can support us by including theteloscope among the list of BPs that deserve your vote.



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