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The Teloscope report: 1–31 October

Spain’s leading cider-producing region is tracing on the Telos blockchain the origins and production methods of its premium cider

Read more below in “Applications and Tools” for the full story about how The Teloscope develops Telos-based solutions for enabling smart and secure supply chain management.

BP Infrastructure

All the activation processes for deploying EOSIO 1.8 software release were successful and all its features are now available on both the Telos main and test nets.


At the end of each month we report here about the monthly performance and status of The Teloscope Telos Block Producer. The data shown here is mainly sourced from two apps/tools: our own creation Chainspector, and Aloha BP Benchmarks.

For almost eight months in a row The Teloscope has been consistently the Telos BP with the best median performance and least range spread. For a network that is not even a year old, that makes The Teloscope the BP with the best overall performance in all of Telos network history.

Our CPU execution times let us validate each transaction faster than any other Telos BP, which benefits both the Tx sender and the Telos network in general. For the Tx sender is a two-fold win: being billed less for CPU time and enabled to send more complex transactions. The Telos network also wins because its capacity increases, as each block can carry more Tx.

And we believe we’re going to be able to keep it that way (taking into account the following observation).

We have not considered recent values measured during October for EOS Detroit BP, that showed speeds of around 0.2 ms. This surprisingly low value is the result of a controversial software update. Despite the shared opinion among most Telos BPs that only stable versions of EOSIO software should be run in the main network, EOS Detroit runs EOSIO v2.0.0.0-rc1. Actually, no other Telos BP is running that release candidate version on the main network. Prior to the update, the CPU performance for EOS Detroit was around 1.6 ms.

This month has seen an increase in community support for The Teloscope, thus we have climbed four places in the Telos BPs’ ranking by votes.

Applications and Tools

The Teloscope Bot

We have added another language to our multilingual bot. And now it also speaks Arabic!. Kudos to Telos Arabia @EOS_Arabia team who provided the Arabic translation.

This translation was made by Moh’d

Currently 11 major languages are available: Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, German, French, Dutch, Arabic and English. You can easily change your interface language by pressing Language under Settings at the initial bot screen and selecting your preferred one.

Now The Teloscope Bot has 4,621 million potential users… if they all had access to Internet, used Telegram and knew about Telos network! 😅

Traceability in agri-food products

Back in April, when Chainspector app and The Teloscope bot reached considerable maturity, we began working on some models for Proof-of-Concept solutions that could be useful for attracting business projects to Telos.

One solution that is rising to the top of use cases for the blockchain technology is using it as key component of a broader traceability system. Several big companies, from Alibaba to Walmart or Carrefour, have been experimenting with this kind of use for some time.

But most of them rely on ‘private’ blockchain platforms, leaving the consumer out of the possibility of auditing the system. Even worse, their nodes will typically run on a cloud service, such as IBM Cloud, that is marketed as “Blockchain-as-a-Service”.

We think that a public blockchain network is more powerful and, like happened with Internet versus Intranets, Telos will succeed in providing greater advantages to companies that dare to face the transparency challenge.

So we got down to work and in June we concluded the first phase in the development of a Telos-based solution poised to prevent and detect agri-food fraud. We even managed to show a private demo at the Blockchain Expo Europe held on 19 and 20 June in Amsterdam.

We approached some key players in our region, Asturias, to show them a preview of the system and fortunately, on July, two beverage producers (cider makers) agreed to carry out the first real mode tests of the system. Previously the parent organization of The Teloscope, CTIC, had signed a deal with the Regulatory Board of PDO Sidra de Asturias, the official entity that certifies the origin and quality of regional premium cider. We firmly believe that the engagement of regulators is key to the success of any blockchain project that is intended to operate in the real world.

Finally, on 28 October, we made the public unveiling of the project, which was well covered in the media. Several regional and national daily newspapers, plus three radios and the regional television RTPA echoed the news. Cointelegraph in Spanish also reported about it.

Representatives from two cider making businesses, the Regulatory Board and The Teloscope / CTIC posing for the media photos while holding PDO cider bottles, whose history can now be traced on the Telos blockchain.

Since then, some other companies, even not related with agri-food industry, approached us. They want to learn more about our Telos-based solution and explore if we would be able to adapt it to their business cases and specific needs.

We recommend you read our special articleFirst Telos solution for agri-food industry” for more in depth information.

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team. You can also check previous weekly reports from The Teloscope.

The Teloscope is an independent non-profit block producer. The revenue we get from any service we provide to the network is fully invested in our BP infrastructure, as well as in tools and services for the community. Please visit our Code of Conduct to know more about these principles.

You can support us by including theteloscope among the list of BPs that deserve your vote.




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