In the middle of the summer we started a review of Chainspector to reflect new changes in some Telos contracts

The Teloscope
Aug 3 · 2 min read

BP Infrastructure

At the end of each month we report here about the monthly performance and status of The Teloscope Telos Block Producer. The data shown here is mainly sourced from two apps/tools: our own creation Chainspector, and Aloha BP Benchmarks.

Most of the month The Teloscope has been the Telos BP with the best median performance. Last weeks we were performing some HW changes and adjustments in the producer machine. Although performance lowered during that works, at the end of the month we recovered full speed 🚀.

And as for the Telos voting ranking, during the month of July The Teloscope BP has been mostly positioned between 7th and 9th places. Interestingly, the drop to ninth place mimicked our temporary drop in CPU performance. Might it be a direct consequence? 😉

Hopefully our descent is over, because currently between 9th and 10th place there are 500K votes difference. This is the same gap that exists between 2nd and 9th BP.

Applications and Tools


As a consequence of the corrections being made to the contracts that manage the Ratify/Amend and Worker Proposals systems, we are currently in the process of assessing the impact on Chainspector and analyzing the changes involved.

Let’s take a closer look at what needs to be changed…

We will let you know as soon as we release a new version of Chainspector that includes the required updates. 😊

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team. You can also check previous weekly reports from The Teloscope.

The Teloscope is an independent non-profit block producer. The revenue we get from any service we provide to the network is fully invested in our BP infrastructure, as well as in tools and services for the community.

You can support us by including theteloscope among the list of BPs that deserve your vote.


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

The Teloscope

Written by is a non-profit EOSIO Block Producer


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

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