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Feb 4 · 3 min read

Currently Telos might be short on apps, but the first ones are landing and more are expected soon. We at The Teloscope contribute to alleviate the community’s anxiety by delivering useful tools, a rich DApp tutorial and helping online anyone including creators and developers, week after week.


On our previous report we presented a short preview of the new tools we were developing. This week we finally launched one of them: the Telos IPFS Snapshot Checker. It is a little tool you can use to verify if a given account was included in a Telos snapshot (currently only on TOS = 6M snapshot). The application is web and mobile ready, and to achieve a high degree of privacy we have deployed it to IPFS.

We have noticed that some users experience difficulties when trying to get a free Telos account. We are concerned about the possible impact of the persistence of this situation on the Telos expansion. So we decided to explore the feasibility of including a free account creation feature to The Teloscope Bot. We headed over the TF with the idea and they encouraged us to do so. Currently we are still working out the technical details with them but we expect to launch this option very soon in a new update of the bot.


A new part of our SensorDApp tutorial was published. On the previous part, we finished defining the header of the contract. On this third part, we explained how to implement the logic of the actions, so please give it a read!

The community of developers usually tend to seek for help from more competent peers. That’s why answering their questions in a prompt and efficient manner was one of our main concerns, as much as providing them with learning materials. The Telos Dapp Development group on Telegram that we created when the SensorDapp tutorial was launched served as the main way of interaction between our dev team and other Telos devs.

We have updated again the list of Telos abbreviations and acronyms with a bunch of new entries. Now there are +50 terms what makes this a relevant resource for the Telos community.

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team.

The Teloscope is an independent nonprofit Telos block producer — our work is free from the influence of crypto whales or other BPs. The revenue we get from any service we provide to the Telos network is fully invested in our Telos BP infrastructure, as well as in tools and services for the blockchain community.

You can support us by including theteloscope among the list of BPs that deserve your vote.


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

The Teloscope

Written by is a non-profit EOSIO Block Producer


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

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