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May 14 · 2 min read

Applications and Tools

The Teloscope Bot

After Turkish and Russian, now we have added Chinese 🇨🇳 language option for @TeloscopeBot . Chinese translation was made by Telos Intasia team. Kudos to them! 😀


Core Development Team

The Teloscope contributes 4 developers to the Telos Core Development Team (TCD). We also participate in their bi-weekly remote meetings to know the status of ongoing projects and propose new activities in coordination with the teams of each BP.

Some time ago, part of the development work done for Chainspector app was included in the first Telos Core Devs WP. It was work that we had already delivered, as the community was using our tool. The difference between TCD WPs and other WPs is that TCD ones only include work that has already been completed and delivered.

Now a second TCD WP has been launched, and The Teloscope is included again for the new work done for Chainspector, and already delivered. Here is the detail of the new tasks completed since the first TCD WP:

  • Several updates made to Worker Proposals’ module: cleaner and better interface layout, new compact mobile-frienly view, new addional information (thresholds, recipient, cycles, etc.).
  • An update made to Arbitration elections module: apart from current candidates, now more additional information is displayed: a list of already elected arbitrators and their number, the maximum number of arbitrators and duration of their position.
  • 4 new modules developed: ‘Token Showroom’ (info about all custom tokens), ‘Account Activity’ (info about most active accounts and their actions), ‘Proxy Selector Panel’ (easily compare and filter proxies by voted BPs), and ‘BP Selector’ (info about BPs).
  • Added interaction with Scatter that enable voting in 4 modules: Worker Proposals, Arbitration Elections, Proxy Selector Panel and BP Selector.

We hope you appreciate the tool and vote YES to this TCD WP2 so we can keep on expanding Chainspector with new upgrades and features. 😄

This report has been produced by members of The Teloscope team.

The Teloscope is an independent nonprofit Telos block producer — our work is free from the influence of crypto whales or other BPs. The revenue we get from any service we provide to the Telos network is fully invested in our Telos BP infrastructure, as well as in tools and services for the blockchain community.

You can support us by including theteloscope among the list of BPs that deserve your vote.

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The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

The Teloscope

Written by is a non-profit EOSIO Block Producer


The Non-Profit Block Producer Candidate | Visit our website at

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