Interning at TRASH: Lujain Ibrahim

Jul 29 · 2 min read

Last January, I knew no more than 217 characters about TRASH — I pretty much only knew that there was AI and video editing involved 🔮. I stumbled upon these 217 characters during my first week in NYC in a newsletter email promoting a gallery show TRASH was hosting. Even though the sub-zero temperatures were enough to stop me from going to the gallery show and trap me in my toasty dorm room that cold January night ❄️, as a computer engineering major with an interest in film and digital media, the idea of TRASH never left my head. A few months later, I found myself working and grabbing lunch with the very same person who created that gallery video installation I didn’t get to attend.

On June 10th, I started my internship with TRASH! I joined TRASH as an engineering intern during a very hectic week — the week before the app launched. I was immediately thrown into the deep end and had to take up responsibilities, that regardless of how small, were still integral to the launch.

At that point, I definitely knew a little more about the company, but I still wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.

During my internship, I worked on web development and troubleshooting technical problems in a number of areas. The work I was expected to do was always dynamic and unpredictable, but my main focus ended up being launching the TRASH Stats project. The goal of the project was to better understand how creators use TRASH by extracting, analyzing, and presenting the app’s data. The variety of my work gave me a lot of exposure to the company and a chance to collaborate with different teams which was super cool 👌

At TRASH, I saw a refreshing type of leadership that is supportive, collaborative, and passionate, even in stressful and busy times. With every single talented and accomplished person I’ve had the luxury of working with at TRASH, I saw relentless mentorship, care, and a learning-centered work ethic 💻 As I’m wrapping up my internship now, I can confidently say that I had a wonderful experience, learned a lot, and felt like I was a part of a larger contribution to the world of video editing 🎞📹

Over these past two months, I saw both TRASH grow as a company and myself grow as a person. As I reflect on how much I’ve built my understanding and knowledge of both the science and engineering world as well as the video and media world during my time at TRASH, I can’t thank myself enough for following my gut and pursuing those 217 characters 🙌✅

-Lujain & Team TRASH



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