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Just Add Trunk Shots? The Subtle Art of Editing with Machines (& How To Look Like Tarantino)

Tarantino’s signature car trunk shot
  1. Training: teach our AI the concepts of film
  2. Reading: analyze your footage to find the right moments
  3. Writing: generate a rough cut based on that analysis
How TRASH analyze video footage to create a rough cut

Step One: Understand the content

Here are some simple examples of the cinema concepts we train our neural nets on so that we can identify this type of content in your videos.

Detected concepts in user-generated video
Process for training using TRASH Cinema Concepts Ontology

Step two: Try to find the story

Like the script doctors of Hollywood, we’re hard at work in your video trying to find a story. Teasing out a story is one of the most difficult things a human can do, so it’s not surprising that it’s even more difficult (and of course way more rudimentary) for a machine.

This is how we do it (cue Montell Jordan)

Step three: Composing an homage

Of course, it’s not Tarantino! But it can get you quite a long way to looking like his style with one tap, and without having to know what goes into all those little editing decisions. In fact, all you might need is a trunk shot 😉 This helps you learn, participate in the medium of video, and become a better creator yourself!

Shot by shot comparison of the composited videos (video output)
The original Tarantino style you know



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