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Science is from Mars, Art is from Venus?

How to Collaborate Without Killing Each Other

  • You might as well be speaking different languages and learning each other’s is an uphill battle or there is no guidance for how or a lack of interest/empathy from parties to do so
  • Your processes are completely different and while you’re excited by what you can do and why you want to do it, the how is like a desert mirage where schedules and decision points smear away into the horizon
  • Last and most deadly: you come into it with the most dangerous of all things in life and work — assumptions. These lead you off track or to spin out, toiling in isolation, pushing you further apart instead of drawing you together

Sparks make fire

  1. Designing a “creative treatment”
  2. Research and development
  3. The feedback loop of “LabCrit”

1. The Creative Treatment

Caption: Excerpt from the treatment for DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s hit music video Turn Down For What, winner of “Best Direction”, VMAs 2014
How we plan our creative treatments in

2. Research & Development

Bob Ross: “we don’t make mistakes — we just have happy accidents.”
“Happy accidents”. You’re the man, Bob.
Left: source video; Right: the beginnings of the “love” creative treatment. (Video credit: @aalaofficial)

3. LabCrit



Behind the scenes building an AI-driven social video company

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