TRASH Launches in Creator Beta

Jun 24 · 2 min read

TRASH is an AI-powered mobile video app that makes it easier to make and share short videos. In other words: you shoot we edit 😇

The future is here. Use AI to edit your videos with one tap.

How to get trashed: select some video clips, throw them into TRASH and get a rough cut you can fine tune. Share and watch videos from other creators.

TRASH: You shoot we edit

Get the Creator Beta

Today, we’re rolling out the red carpet for creative people of all types, giving first access to the community we serve and will continue to develop TRASH in partnership with. If you like posting photos but don’t do much video yet and want to — this is for you.

If you don’t have a creator code yet, download the app and put your name on the list for VIP access. We’ll make sure you get into the party 🥳

The Future of Video

The art of video editing is time-consuming and difficult. Many people don’t even attempt it because they don’t think they can. That’s changing.

The same way technology made us citizen journalists, sophisticated amateur photographers, models and more, AI is about to help us become better videographers

This is the dream behind TRASH’s National Science Foundation-funded frontier tech. TRASH isn’t just about putting filters on top of your video, it’s also about helping you generate a sequence. Today’s short videos with soundtracks are just the very beginning. There’s a lot more to come from our co-founder and Chief Scientist, Gen!

We want everyone to be able to participate in the medium of video, democratizing a medium that was previously only for pros.

The same way our founder and CEO Han was inspired to make years of home videos with a Hi-8 camera as a kid 😂, we hope that TRASH can become a powerful toy in your hands; a platform for your stories, sounds, and style.

– Han, Gen (& Team TRASH)


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You shoot we edit. A new social video app in Creator Beta. DM us on Twitter @thetrashapp for access 😇




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