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‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ is just bonkers. Absolutely bonkers!

What’s the definition of a masterpiece? I’d say it's a film that is visually stunning, with just the right amount of intellectual depth, saturated with cringe-less emotional gradients that make you cry, phenomenal humor that makes you laugh and enough coherence to switch between these modes without breaking out of the flow.

But crafting such a film is impossible. So impossible that I had to watch this movie twice to make sure I didn’t just love it because of circumstances, my mood the first time around, the comfy chairs or the big screen. Both times, my emotional spectrum went 🤔🤣🤯😳😭😂😭🥹❤️.

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a Perfect Movie. It is flawless. I have rated only two other films 10/10 out of 3000+ I’ve seen. This is the third. It will be nearly impossible to match, let alone surpass this.

Credit: Elevation Pictures

This film legitimately makes you laugh hard, think hard and cry hard interchangeably throughout its span. It makes you feel all the possible shades of human emotion in 2 hours. And however hard you think, there are absolutely zero plot holes, emotionally awkward moments or inconsistencies.

Even the multiverse and sci-fi parts are explained well. It is apparent that it took a massive amount of research and heart to construct. Contrary to this, Marvel explains every unexplainable magic by sticking a “nanotech” or “quantum” sticker on them. But not here. Every single thing is explained and felt. Probably the most coherent mixture of feelings and thoughts, heart and mind.

There’s a particular scene with stones that made me go 🤯. The amount of genius it takes to come up with something that extraordinary is beyond me. It was the best 4 minutes of cinema I’ve ever seen. I was literally crying over a stone throwing itself over a cliff to catch another stone.

Everything Everywhere All At Once should be supported, seen, talked about, rewatched, reviewed, studied at cinema schools and elevated. This is what cinema is supposed to be. This is what films should make you feel. It doesn’t get any better that this.



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