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The Ugly Monster

The cover of Dread: Dredd (spelled with d-r-e-d-d). Judge Dredd stands in the center of the image, pointing his lawgiver pistol at the camera with his right hand. He wears a red and black helmet that only shows his lower nose and mouth. The collar of his blue-black body suit can be seen, but the rest is obscured in shadow. You can clearly see the gold shoulder pads, the right side pad shaped like an eagle. He wears a green glove with armored knuckles.
Credit: Rebellion Unplugged

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Judge Dredd Busts Pro-Democracy Radicals in ‘Dread: Dredd’

“As the iron fist of the Justice Department tightens its grip on the people of Mega-City One, there stirs once again a movement towards democracy. As pro-democracy…



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