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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: ‘All Haze Eve’ and ‘Captain MaCaw’


One bird tells the truth, the other poops on statues.

All Haze Eve is an atmospheric narrative created by xrrawva, an indie dev who we just saw on their previous title reYal — spooooooky. Players will find a mysterious note inviting them for a Hallowe’en night of fun and mystery, where they will be able to trick or treat many different individuals. Some of them might even be human!

This is a Hallowe’en extravaganza where the player will operate in a 3D space with controls similar to a text-based or point and click game. Players will use the scroll wheel and right click to alter the action and the target of the action, such as tricking a lock or asking a passerby a question.

By testing every possible option, players will find items, adding them to the action list and using them on other random objects. This is the basis for exploration, revealing fun little interactions between the player character and the world around them, like discovering bird gargoyles and talking with a terrifying black cat.

All Haze Eve does have a ‘goal’. The aim is to simply enjoy the fun of the night and uncover the secrets held within. What you make of the game is completely dependent on what you are looking to do. From dressing up as death to tricking the denizens of the dead to being a werewolf in search of friends, it’s a cute little game to enjoy for a while with an ominous presence. So it’s… cute spooky. That makes sense.


Captain MaCaw is a puzzle platformer created by Auld Games, a solo indie developer based out of the UK. Players will traverse a game inspired by the retro games, specifically those that came from the ZX Spectrum (no need for an emulator this time). In this adventure, players will follow Captain MaCaw after he is stranded on a lost island due to his ship being destroyed in a dangerous storm. Hopefully he can find a way off.

As it is inspired by the games of the past, MaCaw has the ability to move left and right throughout this 2D world, jumping on to platforms so that he can find out what lies in the next area. To interact with items found on the floor, players will use the only other button they have, which is also the ‘menu’ button, opening up their inventory of three possible items. If there is a combination that creates a new item, the game will automatically create it for the player so that they can use it. This is not a crafting game so no need to worry about wasting materials. Using items only requires the player to ‘drop’ the item out of their inventory. It will go to work on whatever is needed.

The gameplay continues to revolve around these interactions, as the player finds new ways to get to a new region, discover new items and continue the cycle onward. There may be people to talk with, giving more hints as to what may be the next objective while also giving insight as to what is going on with this island.

If you love retro gaming and have fond memories of the ZX Spectrum, this is a fantastic game to pick up and play. For those a bit averse to retro gaming, it’s still a unique experience to dive in to a game made for the past, but made in the present.





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