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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: ‘HubWorld’ and ‘Rock n’ Rush: Battle Racing’

Polar Opposites.

HubWorld is an exploratory relaxation game created by Jeremy Ulrich, a musician and game developer. Players will find themselves in a series of colourful worlds, hoping to escape from reality and just coast for a bit.

Using the WASD keys and the mouse, players will explore each of the four regions from Island to Sky. Each boasts its own aesthetic, with different plant life and colour palettes to explore and experience. The soundtrack sits comfortably in the background as players wander the landscape, content to just ‘vibe’ as the kids say. When one region has been fully explored to one’s liking, a click of the mouse will take the player to the next region so that they can see and do it all over again.

There is no ‘objective’ to this game, making it hard to really dissect — but that’s not really the point of it. HubWorld is a game to simply explore and relax to, as if you were on vacation in each of these regions. You can see the sights and sounds without worrying about taxes or the crushing weight of our reality. All you need is to stare up at the sky, see the flowers, and relax. If you need a break from the world as it is, I’d suggest booting this up for a few minutes and taking that break in peace.

Don’t go swimming in that emerald water.

Rock n’ Rush: Battle Racing is a retro-inspired combat racing game created by WSM Game Studio, a solo indie developer based out of Brasil. Players will select a grungy 90’s combat car and prepare for high stakes action as they race through courses in the hopes of winning and not blowing up.

True to its inspirational roots of Mario Kart and Twisted Metal, Rock n’ Rush will have players completing four laps of a downtrodden racetrack against seven other cars (up to three others can be real people). Each vehicle comes equipped with a machine gun for chipping away at other’s health bars, with the purpose of blowing them up and forcing them to ‘respawn’ a few moments later. The vehicles do have different stats for acceleration, steering, etc. but as with all racing games, I find it best to pick for aesthetics.

Once on the track, players cannot leave until they have completed the four laps and get to a score screen. On the track are curious cubes that give power ups to whomever runs through them, respawning after a while to ensure that the space does not stay empty for long. These powers can range from shields and missiles to land mines and fire trails. These power-ups are numerous, so using them strategically is not as important as just using them for an immediate effect.

With its eight maps (four layouts, each having an inverted one) Rock n’ Rush: Battle Racing is a simple yet effective homage to combat racing games. It’s easy to pick up and play with any of your friends, or just play in a tournament against the NPCs that plague your nightmares when they win. The soundtrack is phenomenal, and by far my highlight of the game as I would just leave it on in the background if I could. It combines the cheesy guitars with the blood-pumping action that you just love to listen to while causing car crashes. If you loved combat racing games, this is definitely one to try out.





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