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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

‘Mech_Romancer Charity Bundle 1’ and ‘Bold Blade’

The end of page 36 already?

Am I though? I just got here, realistically.

Mech_Romancer Charity Bundle 1 is the first charity bundle for the game Mech_Romancer, a robot dating simulator by Silentman. Yes, this is a bundle within a bundle. Interestingly, this game was inspired by Woolie Madden and ‘Matt McMuscles’ gameplay commentary. You may know them from their days of ‘Super Best Friends Play’ from years ago. So what exactly is this game about, and how do we date the robots?

Players will follow a washed-up mech pilot in a post-apocalyptic universe. Aliens have glassed most of Earth, turning the surface into a living nuclear fusion plant. Not too worried about it though, the pilot simply enjoys life under the surface and wastes away their days until the Admiral calls for them. Meeting with them reveals that a new mech has arrived and the pilot is the only one capable of working with it.

The key term is “working with”, for there is a learning AI within the mech. The game then continues onward as the player pilot and the AI known as JEET train together to become compatible, allowing JEET to learn of the world and to use its systems efficiently.

This does not sound like a visual novel, but the entire gameplay centres on the player making decisions during the training missions on how best to execute plans to succeed. Depending on the mech — for there are two possible types to be picked early on — the player’s decisions and approaches will need to change in order to utilize JEET to the max.

For those always wanting the ‘do not participate’ button in visual novels, the pilot can simply shun their duties at all times if they want. I will not go in to detail due to spoilers, but there are enough endings that these limited decisions can have a major impact on how it ends.

The big focal point in Mech_Romancer is the fluidity of its specifics. The player’s identity, their flings and even the robot are all chosen by the player during the gameplay itself, rather than externally. Only the robot alters the gameplay, but the fact that players can make these decisions so easily within the game’s space without breaking immersion is a fantastic way to get players in to the mood for a transhuman game about robots.

Mech_Romancer is a short game, but one created out of love for a content creator’s wild ideas and for robot story telling. Its endings are a bit tricky to figure out how to achieve, but the game can be easily restarted again and again. This specific entry in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality also comes with desktop and phone wallpapers, so you can take your robot friend with you wherever you go.

If you love robot tales and stories about the future, this is definitely one to try out.

Time for big sword attack. Always works.

Bold Blade is an arcade adventure created by Ultra Runaway Games, a solo developer based out of the United States. Players are on the hunt for a magical sword said to be able to cleave through mountains, leading them to an island overrun by demons in the hopes of discovering it. Thankfully for the player, they have a blade that can be altered to ensure that they can find this legendary armament.

Players will swing their sword through three waves of enemies per region, surviving new enemies and collecting the coins from their fallen brethren. How attacking works, however, is another story; players will use the arrow keys to rotate the sword clockwise or CCW. The direction is not entirely ‘consistent’, instead relying on the swords positioning to determine which way it will rotate when pressed. For example, using the picture above, the sword will rotate CCW if pressing left and CW when pressing right, for it makes sense in the context of the orientation.

This is by far the most challenging thing to wrap the brain around, as rotation of the sword uses stamina. When the stamina reaches below 50%, the sword does less damage, and at zero it cannot be moved until recharged. It leads to much of the game being about proper positioning to avoid damage and to make the attacks easier to pull off.

Success will bring players back to the overworld map, where every defeated region unlocks a new shop to purchase upgrades. The most important shop is the blacksmith, which allows players to elongate and widen their sword. The longer the sword, the more things it can hit. The width makes its swings meatier.

It can get to ridiculous levels, such as a sword as long as the screen, and makes it that much more fun to witness a normal person swinging it. There are other upgrades, such as magical attacks, healing, and stat gains, but we are all here for the sword. All of these upgrades are purchased with the coins dropped by enemies, which do not reset on a player death. This is quite nice when trying to get a hang of the combat.

Bold Blade is a strange game, but its charm is in its ridiculousness and its speed. The game has enough regions to binge through an afternoon, allowing for multiple play-throughs with different builds. If you just want to swing a massive sword for an hour or two, this game is definitely worth looking in to.




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