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PEGBRJE: Nest Lander

One of these days I’ll actually plan my blogs. Today is not that day, and I’m aware I’ve said this before.

I’m a bird now.

Nest Lander is an arcade adventure created by Clockwork Hippo, a solo indie dev from the Commodore 64 days based out of the UK. Players will be transported back to the arcade-era where Eggward will try to collect his golden eggs and ensure they all get back to the nest.

Utilizing a momentum-based movement system, players will fly Eggward to collect all the eggs and make it back to the nest without touching a single platform. Up and down movement gives him momentum to fly while the left and right arrow keys rotate him. Movement is tricky. It can be extremely easy to fly in to a wall while attempting to turn.

Once all the eggs are collected, the second half of the challenge begins as Eggward needs to land right side up at a slow enough pace. Thankfully, the nests will fade out when Eggward is flying too fast, and fade back in when players are safe to land. It’s a small feature, but one that helps immensely when there are only five lives to work with.

Arcade games thrive on their ability to convey their entire gameplay within a sentence or two, and Nest Lander does exactly that. Within the 35 levels you’ll be pushed past your boiling point on numerous occasions, losing all lives and being sent back to the beginning over and over again. The other game modes do not alleviate this, as the only differences are in the amount of time given per level to complete. However, this kind of frustration is paramount to the experience that these arcade games bring.

If you were part of the generation that grew up with these, you’ll feel right at home. If you weren’t, but enjoy a challenge from the past, this will bring that challenge to you.

Man, I really need to plan this out better. Software will be tomorrow!



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