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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: Phoenix Heavy

The final Game of the Page is a bit shorter than expected

Look at her go.

Phoenix Heavy is a game jam physics puzzle game created by Extrone, a solo indie developer making Unreal games in India. Players will join a space expedition, getting a crashcourse on rocket science before attempting to warp across the cosmos.

With a thruster and some side rockets, players will try to reach the top of the maze to acquire the key to the portal at the starting position. Thrusting upwards takes fuel due to the strange nature of this universe having gravity aimed downwards, but it allows for the ship to move side to side with little fuel cost and so the ship can fall back down without worry. This means that the fuel gauge is more of a limiter on the ascent rather than the descent. Players are really working against their fuel tank in only one direction. Of course, if they need to lift a little to make their way down, having some fuel won’t hurt. Be aware that the speed in which the level is completed also counts towards it.

As with many titles made for game jams, Phoenix Heavy is not meant to be a large game, but instead a fun little project that has come to life. The visuals are quite colourful and fun, and the controls are tight so there is no worry about sliding off the screen. If you want to see what a designer with only 48 hours can do, this is a prime example.

Note: I’m not actually sure if there is a third level, as the game only loaded darkness.

Expect the software tomorrow!




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