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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: Software of Page 49

Jazzy Bouncer Soundtrack

Starting off our last foray in the 40s is an original soundtrack by Rest! for the mobile game Jazzy Bouncer. The game is a Brick Breaker-esque title in which players use a paddle to keep the ball bouncing off all the objects to gain points, only with a jazzy flourish thanks to the soundtrack and parts of the aesthetic. If you are an OST collector such as myself, these six songs might be great to add to your collection.

As a reminder however, this is an OST and not an audio asset — you cannot use this for game jams or other projects, only for your smooth jazz listening.

Heads or Tales

Heads or Tales, by WizBotGames, is our first TTRPG of this page. Knowing the whimsy and unpredictability that TTRPGs can bring, this game leverages that sense of the unknown as its main focus. Players will make up whatever roleplaying story they wish, expanding on it for as long as they can before a decision is brought to the table. Once this occurs, the only way to figure out what happens next is at the mercy of the coin and its two sides. This coin is the only item you need to play Heads or Tales, so it is almost more of a storytelling game than a TTRPG, but you’ll be able to make your adventures however you want.

ADLENGINE — Roleplay / Text Adventure Engine

Unfortunately, I am the bearer of badnews: Adlengine is no longer accessible to the public. At the time of the bundle’s release it was more than likely available, but as of 2022 it is no longer available for download. Why this is the case we do not fully know; the only thing I can see is the tagline on the download page of ‘no longer in development’. I would assume this would be why.

So no game engine today, oh well.

Scratch’s Sc0re

Do you enjoy watching your friends suffer, or perhaps winning at their expense? Then boy do I have the game for you; Scratch’s Sc0re. A card game by NinjaHELL! Productions about wild west outlaws fighting for their souls, players will play a Rummy-like game where punishing your friends with your success is encouraged and bluffing is required. By ‘clearing’ first you can force a single person to pay up, immediately bringing you their ire. If you want a bigger prize, waiting will give you the chance to bring Old Scratch his most desired card to nab the Score and become rich — just know that every time the Score is stolen, it grows even more.

Only one person walks away with everything, and everyone else disappears as Old Scratch collects. If you have friends that may find themselves… upset at the prospect of being targeted, this might be a game to avoid. But if you have a few good sports that are ready to tear each other apart in the name of fun, then this is your game.


In this lengthily titled LARP by Jacqueline Bryk, players will find themselves in a universe where vampires exist and require education; but not necessarily to learn. In this world, vampires not within an academic circle are considered fair game to be hunted, so they flock to institutes for safety even if they care little for education. Players will choose between a human, vampire or dhampir as their characters before deciding if they wish to be an applicant to these universities or one of the interviewers on the university’s panel of judges. Will you make it in to this new graduate program? Or will you be able to find one of the individuals worthy of joining your glorious institution? Only one way to find out.

Just remember it is a LARP, so there are safety rules just in case.

Swords Pack x6

Alright, enough of that roleplaying stuff for now. Let’s look at some SWORDS. This is an asset pack by georgeC and includes — you guessed it — six swords. They’re clean and 2D, best for small projects that you might be working on. I don’t have much else to say. They are swords.


Saudade is a narrative game focused primarily on the creating of maps by Naive Star out of Brazil. Meaning ‘to have a deep longing for something’, Saudade has players navigating the stars as immortal beings, meeting new species and discovering new shapes as you continually glide onwards. That is, until you decide that it is time to visit your home — and that is where the collision begins. Players will have created maps of their journeys, made relationships with other players (or with other NPCs if solo), but they have not been home in millennia. What has changed, what has stayed the same? For one that has had to accept the consistency of constant change, how does returning home feel?

That is up to you. Good luck — oh and there’s a Portuguese version now as well! It is in PTBR — makes sense seeing as they are Brazilian — but it should still be legible to any of the other variations of Portuguese.

The Finest (there will be no music)

Welcome to The Finest, known as the worst establishment in the world where there is no music, no drinks, and no friends. Created by HB (a Latvian hobbyist) players will find themselves in this strange Limbo space where they cannot leave until the ‘game’ actually starts. It’s almost like a meta conversation game about players waiting for their TTRPG to actually start, where all of the characters are backstage waiting to finally get pulled in to the game.

But there is nothing engaging about the act of waiting, as everyone simply waits. What they are waiting for does not necessarily matter — it could be like my above suggestion, or perhaps they are waiting to die. If you are familiar with Waiting for Godot, then you are familiar with this idea of the act of waiting being the focus more than what comes next.

Maybe nothing happens. Maybe you gain a friend. All we know is that you are not leaving of your own volition.

Guidebook to the Viridian Maw (Forking Paths #1)

Finally we have the Guidebook to the Viridian Maw, which is a Zine by Orbis Tertius Press and issue 1 of Forking Paths the RPG zine. It contains 24 pages of wildnerness-centric content, with the focal point being the Viridian Maw sandbox campaign. There are discussions on the characters that reside within the crator, the plants that have taken over as the main organisms, and hexmaps to help understand the layout. It’s entirely system agnostic, although leaning towards OSR-stylized TTRPGs, but everything is malleable if necessary.

If you need an ecological-centric setting for your TTRPG, then look no further than this specific issue — and check future issues if you liked the style.

We’re in the End Game now. There are only 9 pages left in the bundle, and there is only a single entry on page 59 so really, there are only 8 pages left.

That’s 241 entries remaining.

Strap in, we’re almost there.



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