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PEGBRJE: Software of Page 27

Holy cow there’s a lot.

It’s been a while since there were this many titles on a page (of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality) deemed software, so let’s get this rolling.

i’m sorry did you say street magic

We start this page off with a GM-less TTRPG by Caro Asercion, where players will be working to build a city and a story all at the same time. It’s a game primarily focused on crafting details for each city section, uncover how they came to be and what kind of magic they might utilize that sets the entire thing in motion. There’s rules, but also guidelines on how to loosen them so that you and your friends can spend each round chatting about the cool new suburb you put in.

I Signed Up To Be The Substitute Familiar Of A Struggling Witch To Pay My Bills And I’m Just Now Realizing What I Got Myself Into

The title literally doesn’t fit on You know what that means; it’s a light novel. Zandra is back once again with her extensively titled tales, but this time instead of catgirls we have gay witches to follow. We are also treated to much more worldbuilding than before, as there’s a lot going on between the magic, the demonic creatures and those of us caught in between. If you need an adventure of a struggling artist/witch, then this is exactly it.

The Wretched

Spookily titled, The Wretched is a solo journaling RPG created by Chris Bissette. The player is the last remaining crew member upon a salvage ship in space, alone with their thoughts and possibly whatever killed everyone else. Players know that they won’t survive, but that is precisely what the game is about — seeing the full extent of human resilience. Interestingly, the game is structured with two pieces not seen before in the bundle; a tumbling block tower and a microphone. The tower is utilized in a way to show the constant inevitability of everything crumbling down, the frailty of the life that we are all clinging to. The microphone? To record it all as it goes. There’s even a soundtrack to accompany the adventure. Give it a whirl if you enjoy inevitable crushing defeat.

In The Light Of A Ghost Star

Interestingly enough, In The Light Of A Ghost Star is a two-for-one tabletop RPG. On its own, it’s a rules-lite system that involves sci-fi roleplaying within a hex-based grid. Players will be diving in to ‘dungeons’ of sorts, managing their inventory while surviving the terrors that occur. On the other hand, it is a system that can be slotted in to other RPGs, allowing for players to customize another RPG with more science fiction and survival aesthetics. A little gem that might be worth your time.

Hitboxes and Hurtboxes

Game development is scary for those uninitiated (I’ve got first-hand experience) so Rat Casket wishes to make it a bit easier to understand with this tutorial on how Hitboxes and Hurtboxes work in GameMaker Studio. It goes through a bunch of different styles of weapons and animations. Everything is commented for your understanding. Hopefully by the time you’re done there’s something you can work on in the future.

Songbirds is a curious tabletop RPG created by Batts and features a different kind of question; what if we were adventurers of emotional issues? Rather than fighting dragons, players will be fighting emotions in a fantasy environment, creating villages and assisting the people through 32 different classes. It gives the atmosphere of a fairy tale, where we can deal with issues without the need for constant violence. There are 100 pages to sift through, with a lot of tools to create whatever worlds you wish.

Pixel art Forest

This is, explicitly, a pixel art forest. edermunizz never was one for mincing words, and they continue that here. Users will get a brilliant forest with PSD examples, customizable trees and even a demo scene within Unity. Perfect for starting something and seeing where it goes.

Spoken Magic

Rather than being a traditional TTRPG, Spoken Magic is a collaborative storytelling title that focuses on players solving issues through words. Sounds a bit weird when I say it like that, but words are magic. In this case, these words are needed to craft spells that can solve problems that the party may run in to. Your goal is to discover what the magic truly means to each person, and what their words could design at their fullest capacity. Let the adventuring begin!

The Land Whispers

The Land Whispers is another settlement-centric tabletop RPG, created by Jessica Osborne. Players will go out into the wilderness, seeking to create a home for yourselves while uncovering the secrets that may exist on the land before you arrived. A deck of cards is all you need to get started. The guide book will help you discover just what kind of peaceful settlement you will create.

One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk

Earlier on, Jesse Galena gave us nine stories of a corrupted kingdom. Now we are gifted lore for monsters. A supplement for any kind of fantasy, it’s primarily used to help in creating characters and monsters for TTRPGs, with alternatives to the norm to help diversify the races a bit. These can be new traits one wishes to use, or a building block to start creating your own world. It’s up to you, but it’s all within a single page for each race, which is definitely handy.

The Japan Collection: Japanese City Game Assets

GuttyKreum has created a tileset for a Japanese-themed city based itself off of their Honmachi Asaichi Street pixel art. Apparently it can be matched up quite well with the real-world location using street view, which is easily some of the most fun I’ve had with the application. In terms of assets, there are animated tiles and items, tilemaps and aseprite files that all work for RPG Maker. If you want something to spice up your 2D city, this might just be the ticket.

Catch the Devil

Sage LaTorra has created a tabletop roleplaying game that manifests your inability to explain or see your fears in Catch the Devil. Players are all normal individuals, but slowly over time they’ll become something more — or something less — as they attempt to deal with the stresses that come from the unknown. It focuses heavily on an encroaching darkness, that feeling of being swallowed by something you cannot perceive or understand but know is there. All you have to do is jump in and hope you can figure it out in time.

Heart and Lightning

Ever wanted to be a teenager again? You will be as players in Heart and Lightning by Swords and Flowers, the dev team that brought us Spring on Me (the game about messy terrifying dates). This time players will be immortal beings stripped of their power for misdeeds and need to make their way back somehow. It lets you pick archetypes to fill, talents to acquire and ways to solve every problem, even if they don’t always work. It brings that Urban Fantasy style with a bunch of settings and rules, so try it out if you need some teenage angst or just really want to call lightning down on things. (the game might have been removed from Itch since the bundle was released ).

Subway Runners

The second game in the bundle I thought was a video game, Subway Runners is an online TTRPG created during the pandemic for those of us stuck inside all the time. Utilizing the glorious power of the internet to create random gigs and adventures, players will be working together as Subway Runners as they attempt to fix the transit rails while fighting off monsters. There’s a bunch of action economy going on here, and to top it all off you’re probably going to be traumatized. But you can start up new runners at any time and try again in a completely new situation. It’s nice to see something fully taking advantage of our future technology that we have. If you have friends far away (or next door but can’t come in) this might be exactly what you need.

Mausritter: Honey in the Rafters

Mausritter is back with a brand new adventure location, available as a folded brochure. It can be dropped in to any existing Mausritter campaign, or done as a one shot. Players will be attempting to follow a bizarre ‘cult of Sugar’ to gain the power of the sunflowers. There’s lots to be done, and if you loved Mausritter’s unique twists then you’ll love this too.

I don’t know what I expected, but HOT GAY BRO DRAGONS is a bro-RPG about telling your hot dragon BF how much you love him. The amount of dragons, the orientation of the dragon, literally nearly everything is customizable, but you must declare your love. You can even have more dragons involved if you wish. Nobody can stop you. Oh, and regardless, you’re in a serious bromance of actual romance. So get bro-ing. Bro.

We finally reached the end, where Gentleman Bandit | Western Cantos I resides. Created by Allison Arth, this is a writing TTRPG where you are the Gentleman Bandit writing poems for the dead and those that find them. Cards will guide each line, with dice rolls to make things more poetic, but ultimately you are the writer of these stanzas. There are rules for doing this multiplayer, but if you aren’t a fan of group poetry best to stick to solo.

Holy moly, that was a lot. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so I can’t promise the start of page 28. Who knows?




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