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Playing Every Game (and looking at every other piece of software) in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: Software of Page 29

I’m starting to suspect the ratio of games and software is shifting…

Before we begin, there’s a bit of a notice that I’d like to make. As referenced in the subtitle, the pages are becoming much more ‘software’ heavy in comparison to earlier pages. This was somewhat expected on my part early on, as I figured the bundle had most of the games join on early and the software came in later. This does mean that the software pages will most likely take an entire day to sort through, as 18–20 entries is a lot to get done on top of the 1–3 games a day blog.

Those that own the bundle will also notice that I seemingly skipped over the “Forever Lost” Series by Glitch Games, with Episode 1, 2, & 3 on this page. This was not an oversight on my part. They have been removed from and cannot be accessed nor found through their creator page. I’m a bit sad as their other work Veritas was featured in the bundle earlier on and I quite enjoyed the quality that they brought. I’m not sure why the games no longer exist on I can only assume that the developers have their reasons for removing them. Nevertheless, we will be pushing forward with the bundle . I hope to not run in to many more that have been removed, for my own organizational sake.

Alrighty, let’s get on with the show, because there’s more than twenty software entries this time. I’ll keep descriptions a tad more brief due to the length.

Yokai Hunters

Ever wanted to be a monster hunter in late 19th century Japan? Yokai Hunters by Chema (or Punkpadour) allows you to be just that with their rules-light TTRPG. It aims to create a style that can be run relatively easily, such as simple monster fights, but also has the capability to expand in to a larger world with political intrigue and Meiji-inspired events. You’ll get the most mileage out of it in a horror/thriller style, playing in to the aesthetic as much as possible. Give it a whirl if you’ve been watching too much Demon Slayer and want to re-enact it a little.

Working For The Corp

Working For The Corp is a tonal shift to cyberpunk and is a ‘Descended From The Queen’ pen and paper game created by 925 Games. The style is more storytelling than ‘RPG’ in the traditional sense, for games denoted ‘Descended From The Queen’ are in the style of Alex Robert’s ‘For The Queen’. Instead of vying for a queen’s affection, players will be working within a megacorporation tasked with defending information from runners. But how loyal are you to a faceless entity that seemingly controls your life? That’s up to you and whomever you decide to play with.


Welcome back to having relationships with dragons with Dragonhearts by Fractal Dragon. In this GM-less TTRPG using the Firebrands RPG formula, players are shapeshifters able to be in dragon or human form solving events. These can be as fluff-filled as a dance or as deadly as dealing with the apocalypse. It plays over 3–4 hours, so if you need something to heat up a room during the cold winter afternoons then this might be an option.

Goblins in Shadow

The goblins have finally revolted from being the peons in Goblins in Shadow, a TTRPG created with influences from Blades in the Dark (another TTRPG) by One Seven Design. The players will join each other as a cell of revolutionaries, working in the shadows to overthrow the elven oppressors and humans that have conquered their lands. Much of the game will focus on a player’s ability to utilize ‘hit and run’ tactics, taking on missions and gaining support before eventually assassinating a minister to spur forth a possible revolution. Hopefully, you are more successful than your comrades that failed.

Lost in the Grey

Lost in the Grey is a single player game created by Dee Pennyway, author and designer who crafted the Mnemonic Universe that this game (and many others) plays within. Using a single die and a sheet of graph paper, players will spend the next hour or so charting their way through a monochromatic forest in the hopes of finding a way home. It is to be played solo, for you might find that there are more personal secrets than things that cannot be seen.

The Goose of Grillner Grove

Alright, time for something much more outrageous. The Goose of Grillner Grove is a roleplaying game created by Jenn Martin, and involves the players attempting to warn a newcomer about a goose. Yes, a goose — and one that’s lived for 20+ years. Each player will take turns attempting to explain to the newcomer an event involving the goose, each more outrageous than the last. The only rules that cannot be broken are that the goose cannot be supernatural, and the goose cannot die in the story. It only takes 15 minutes, but you might just convince that newcomer of the dangers of this goose; or not. It’s up to you.

The Page I Didn’t Write

This ominously titled adventure is a solo letter-writing game created by Lauren Bryant-Monk about the player attempting to write difficult things to important people. The dice you have will determine what you can and cannot say in the letter, creating the frustrating sensation of being unsure how to word the truth within the ‘lies’. There’s a lot of revision, which is somewhat uncommon, so try it out if you like the feeling of being unable to say what you want to people.

52 Fates

52 Fates is a TTRPG that ditches the dice of tradition and instead deals in cards. Created by Dice Pencil & Paper, players will draw from a standard 52 card deck to make their moves, deciding which cards to use and which to keep for later. It’s goal is to give back a bit more agency that many gamers feel dice rolling removes, allowing for more interactivity at all levels and decision making that impacts the table more. Designed to be picked up and played quickly, it can be brought out at any party and played for an hour or two if you are looking for some simple adventuring.

Glitch Pixel Brushes II

A game design tool. It’s the sequel of the glitch brushes that Dataerase made earlier on in the bundle, now with clip studio paint functionality. There’s even patterns that can be used to create your own custom patterns if you’re feeling spicy.

Impulse Drive

Back to the TTRPGs (no breaks on the roleplay train), Impulse Drive is a roleplaying game created by Adrian Thoen. Players will create a crew of misfits in space as they explore the cosmos in search of glory, mystery, and probably loot. There are eight archetypes to play as with four ship types to build together with the crew and customize to your heart’s content. Get that Cowboy Bebop soundtrack rolling, because we’re trekking across the stars.

Low Poly Auto Racing Car Pack

From the maker of the Low Poly 3D City Builder comes the Auto Racing Car pack in similar minimal polygons. delivers seven racing cars and eleven styles of road for any game or project you might be working on, with differing formats and textures available out of the box. Perfect for anyone in a game jam that needs a quick set of cars.

Your body, an altar

Your body, an altar is a combination solo tabletop RPG and Twine game created by sixfeetzen. Players are known as ‘The Supplicant’, a member of the village that can communicate with otherworldly entities and experience their world as your own. It aims for an intriguing middle ground of horror and intrigue, which might throw some for a loop so do follow the content warnings. I included it here as while the Twine game is gorgeous, there are two iterations of tabletop also included and it felt disingenuous to consider it just a ‘video game’. The sound design is fantastic, so whatever medium you wish to try, it will be worth it.

Dream Aflame

A GM-less game designed for three players, Dream Aflame by Quintessential Gaming will follow these players as they are stranded in a foreign land of magic. Using the Belonging Outside Belonging system, players will attempt to keep themselves alive in this land while also worrying about the other two members as they grow and learn of each other’s secrets. It deals in the occult, so hopefully your abilities to manipulate magic will come in handy in this new world.

99¢ Chamber of Death

Created by Christian Guanz, 99¢ Chamber of Death is a TTRPG in which players will be warriors attempting to stop the Big Boss using their fighting prowess and rhyming skills. Yes, rhyming skills. All in the name of justice. Be ready to break out a hip hop album if you feel up for it.

HEIST: Get Rich or Die Trying

Another Forged in the Dark game, HEIST: Get Rich or Die Trying by Allie Bustion and Mad Pierrot Games is a game all about getting a crew together to get paid. Whatever your reasons for needing the cash, you need a lot of it; so you and a few friends will try to pull off a major job in the hopes of getting that paper. It’s best played in a single session. Try it out if you need to kill a few hours and don’t feel like downloading all of Payday 2 again.

While it is version 1.2, the website still mentions that this is a playtest version, so be warned.

Oh Maker

Back to the Descended From the Queen genre of TTRPG and story telling games, Kienna Shaw and Jason Cutron have created a game that follows three or more players dealing with the fact that they are all androids. They each have a Creator, and are attempting to make sense of their livelihood under this form and function. How reliant on your Creator will you be, and what does it mean to be alive? Only one way to find out.

Knowing You

Following the trend of sorrow and philosophy, Knowing You is a prompt-based game by Summer who brought us the title ‘Picking Up the Pieces’ back on page 12. It explores similar themes as that prior title, as two players will use the prompts to explore a relationship that has broken beyond repair, all the way back to when the two of you met. Again, just as before, this can weight seriously on one or both players due to the tender nature of the situation. I’d be tentative in playing it as a new relationship. Find yourself someone comfortable dealing with heavy stuff, and you might find a soulful experience within.

Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management

Enough sadness. Pass the Buck is here to liven things up in this satirical card game about bluffing your way to the top of a corporate ladder. Each player will have tasks that need to be completed, departments that determine how easily they can complete said task, and a level for their job title. Each player gets to be the Delegator, trying to get rid of as many tasks as possible through trades or bluffs, but they can be called out on it; HR is just a phone call away.

If you need a fantastic party game for friends and family alike to make fun of our corporate overlords, then here we go.

Paid RPG Pixel Art Assets 2

A simple asset pack by EDslashEM, it contains assets within the 2D RPG style that were made with Pyxel. The files are in .pyxel format, as well as jpg so you can grab which ever is necessary to complete that game jam or mini project that you’ve been working on.

Corvid Court

Corvid Court is a TTRPG created by Gila RPGs, and it’s all about bad people doing bad things. You and your playmates are not good people in this adventure, taking on the role of ‘Birds’ as part of the organization known as the Corvid Court. The GM will play along as the Court gives their Birds a job and their attempts to finish the dirty work for the client. Oh, and you could be literal birds if you want. That’s a personal preference.


I’m… not really sure what this is. I know it was created by Maria Mison, but the only thing I can state with confidence is that it is a collection of Mantras in a multimedia fashion. That’s it, that’s all I know. It’s discombobulating, with words written in all directions and colours. I know nothing of what it wants, nor what it needs. But it’s here for you if you want it!

Mapping the Catacombs

Created by Sorceress & Witch, Mapping the Catacombs is a zine aiming to spice up dungeon encounters for places underneath a city. Catacombs are inherently spooky, and with so many d6 tables to uncover there is lots to explore in the dark. It is a zine, so it can be printed and folded to be added to a library if one so wishes, or used in its digital version for similar success. It is inherently a solo adventuring system, but can be used for one-shots. Have fun in the dark!

Into The Flames

Finally we have Into The Flames, a roleplaying game by Adam Dixon. Players will be pilgrims, originally unaware of the reasons for this journey but slowly realizing them as they venture. The catch here is that only one pilgrim will actually survive the journey. The rest will be slowly taken out by the spirits that surround each and every step you and your fellow pilgrims take. Every night, all pilgrims offer something to the flames in the hopes that their offering is what keeps them alive the next day. If it is deemed unworthy the spirits will consume them. It has rules for the different ways that it can be played as, either as a LARP or as a traditional RPG. Everything is meant to be read as a group, and create an unsettling tension while doing so. Good luck, and may you survive the journey.

Well that was a lot. Thank goodness for the weekend. See you for page 30.




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