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The Ugly Monster

Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: Software of Page 30

I’m baaaack


Starting off our page is a TTRPG by Kurt Potts designed for 3–6 players. Released for the Short and Easy Jam, players will become an avian friend in an attempt to discover who committed the murder. Think like Clue, as you will be rolling dice to discover which actions and information you can gain while simultaneously performing standard TTRPG actions. Get in to the spirit of being a bird, and find that murderer.

Our Lady

Another TTRPG, this one by Jess Go, in which players will acting as children who have received a divine visitation. Lacking a GM, players will be drafting a world surrounded by this revelation, understanding what they will do and who they will tell as they wait (or not) for this deity’s return. Cards are available to supplement the game, so there's always something to look in to.

Have You Heard About The Beast?

Continuing on the TTRPG train is this title by Sealed Library, focusing on the player’s abilities to slowly create a ludicrous monster out of thin air with the power of tavern gossip. It’s a game of building on the prompts of others, constantly adding new things to the beast that are immediately canonized as truth. The locals keep spinning tales of this beast, until eventually it has been crafted and the actual party goes off to slay it. In a way this is almost a supplement for oneshots of all TTRPGs, allowing for players to create fantastical monsters that they can become excited to fight in whatever system you choose. If you have ever gotten bored of the current Monster Manual demons, then let the players make them for you.

Beast Dream

More beast related content, but in the exact opposite direction; no killing this time, only befriending. Crafted by Zargo Games, players will explore a Pokemon-esque world where they will find and train monsters of all kinds with a heavy focus on the adventure aspect rather than the numbers and combat. It’s another Forged in the Dark game, meaning that it will allow players to gamify their interactions rather than their survival. Death might not be always lurking, but tension between friends might. PS: It isn’t complete yet, according to the page, so updates may change things.


Ostrichmonkey games has updated Extracausal with this Monolith edition, giving new life to their title with its new layouts and features; but let us not get ahead of ourselves. Extracausal is a TTRPG set within a paranormal universe that allows for secrets to thrive and the unknown to exist. The extracausal is a realm unto itself, and it is up to you and your crew to find a revelation or perish trying. The Monolith edition then updates this system by introducing a few mechanical tweaks such as Sets, Aspects, and a lovely new layout for old players to gush over. It was based on Trophy (which is also based on Blades in the Dark) so if you are familiar with the system you will have no trouble jumping in.

Succulent Sorcerers!

Succulent Sorcerers! is a Mini-TRPG created by Diwata ng Manila. As expected a Mini-TRPG is a style of TTRPG in which it focuses on simplicity for newcomers, able to pick it up quickly with little to no systems to learn. In this, players are trying to save their yard from the dangers of an angry, ravenous bug group as plant-stylized RPG classes. Hopefully your plant powers are enough to save backyard society, lest all plants perish.


On the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum is A WIZARD by Ripley, a TTRPG that pits players in a familiar roleplaying trope of a ‘Wizard In A Tower’. Unfortunately for them, the Wizard is not necessarily a wizard, and the tower is not full of magical whimsy but unsettling eldritch abominations. The art is uncomfortably stunning, and survival is not clear cut, so hopefully you are able to stomach that which it will throw at you. Make sure to read the content warnings beforehand. There are many.

Beyond Reach

Another TTRPG, but this time it is only for two players. Created by Annie!, you and your other will be a mech or pilot, writing letters to each other that may not even be seen by the intended party. It’s about falling in love with one that cannot be attained, putting that longing in to words that may break your hearts in the epilogue. I recommend playing with someone you trust — sounds obvious, but you will be dealing with a lot of personal emotions that could be uncomfortable. Best of luck.

PVGames Sci-Fi

In a bizarre change of events, PVGames’ entry to the bundle is the last on page 30 and is NOT a TTRPG. What a twist! Instead, Sci-Fi is a game asset collection for those of you looking to make games in space fiction settings. There are 16 full tilesheets included, with animated items, parallax backgrounds and maps that can be very handy. They’ve done a few packs so far that have been included in the bundle, and they’ve always been of professional quality so this is no different.



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