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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: Software of Page 32

Even More Bizarre TTRPGs, a Chess Variant, and a LARP

Holy cow there’s a lot.

As mentioned a few times prior, the amount of non-video-game software is getting longer. We’re consistently hitting 20+ softwares on a page, which is making the blogs harder to write. I can’t really go in to detail without making the blogs ridiculously long, but at the same time I don’t want to skimp on them just ‘because’. So we’re going to keep the descriptions brief and snappy, and the recommendations direct. Let’s go!

Notice for those perusing the bundle: The following titles have been ‘removed’ from the store. Unlike the video game titles that were removed, these can still be downloaded through the bundle’s download page. This adds them to your library, making the links work and allowing for continuous downloads in the future. Without adding it to your library, however, the links provided will state that the games do not ‘exist’. Keep that in mind if you are interested in the titles.

- Slayers (Old) by Gila RPGs

- Freelancers and They Won’t Go When I Go by Swords and Flowers.


A bizarre software piece by Zin, VICAM lets you recreate online cyber encounters — think recreating scenes from Omegle. It can be used for trailers or videos that feature some kind of online encounter, but there is no connecting to an outside individual; it’s all local.

Dreaming the Devil

Time to get historical with Dreaming the Devil, a LARP about a 16th century witch trial by dymphna. It’s a re-enactment of the powerlessness of the witch during these trials, complete with ‘gamified’ torture — which it handles gingerly for the designer knows the seriousness of the activity. It also does a very intriguing job of not painting the inquisitors/accusers as ultimate villains, but more confused and scared with need for guidance. Make no mistake, however; the witch is the victim, and this game will highlight that in all its gruesomeness. Lovers of character studies will enjoy this.

Slayers (OLD)

A tabletop game by Gila RPGs, Slayers is about hunters of all kinds for hire. The setting is an ever-expanding city where players will jostle with the new technologies being invented constantly while battling new monsters. Combat is its strong point. Each class has a completely unique combat mechanic. This makes choosing who to play much more interesting than in most TTRPGs.

This is the ‘old’ version of the game, and there does not seem to be a free upgrade . If you liked the combat style of Slayers then you might want to check out the full version.


Sandy Pug Games’ EGO is a single-player TTRPG about going on a grand quest and leaving your mark on the world, but its main focus is on the self. While the setting implies sword-and-sorcery, it portrays simple tasks as landmark achievements that give experience, such as cleaning. Each player is working towards the coveted level 10, where they can win everything. It’s a strangely motivating game about learning to work on yourself to become the best ‘you’ possible, and is fantastic for anyone that needs motivation (me).

Have I Been Good?

jeeyonshim is back, this time with a two-player TTRPG in which one of the players is actually a dog — like a real dog, not a person pretending to be a dog. It allows for those that own dogs to see how they might view their owner, highlighting the bond that you share with your best friend and hopefully bring a smile to both of your faces. I can’t play this with my cat, though, so do a few rounds for me.

SC: Monster Pack 1 — DELUXE EDITION

Time to deviate from TTRPGs. SC: Monster Pack 1 is a 2D Asset pack by SeraphCircle. It’s designed for traditional JRPGs, with 40 unique monsters and multiple variations for each. It even has full PSDs for each monster, and is compatible with many of the RPG Maker formats. It’s a bit ridiculous how much is in here, so hopefully you can get some use out of it!

Crossing the Seven Stars

Crossing the Seven Stars is a two-player game by Soup about two ‘useless lesbians’ trying to reconnect across multiple lifetimes. There are 7 lifetimes to course through, leading up to a confession at the end. Who will do it first, who will chicken out? I don’t know, but if you resonate with the themes of this game you might adore it.

Dream At High Noon

More twists on the TTRPG formula come in Dream at High Noon by ammourazz. It uses the feelings generated by a poker game (along with some mechanics) to give the sense of trying to out-gamble fate. It aims for that crunchy gameplay where the narrative is completely centered around how the mechanics are crafted. Even though it is in beta it still delivers a fun experience.

Purplest Prose

An oddly named roleplaying game by Pammu, players will come together to create their own writing personas to make the trashiest of romance novels. It’s similar to ‘Cards Against Humanity’ in the sense that topics will be picked, and everyone else will scramble to create their rendition of how it will romantically involve people. It’s for those who love trash romance novels, and just want to get more of them out there.

Penicillin Issue #1

Zine time! Micah Anderson has brought together an RPG zine with Jared Sinclair and John Battle, featuring different possibilities to add to your own adventures. If this zine does it for you, there are more issues that follow.

Chess: Two Kingdoms

Ever thought chess wasn’t engaging enough? Well Takuma Okada has you covered. Chess: Two Kingdoms is a narrative TTRPG that uses chess instead of dice. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once the story gets running it becomes an addictive back and forth of trying to get the story to fit your flavour, all thanks to the strategy of chess. Who would’ve thought that could work?


A revolutionary — and I mean that literally — TTRPG by Swords and Flowers, Freelancers is about killing your boss and taking over. There are factions to choose, settings to manipulate and create, and journeys to craft with friends as you go up against whatever boss you can dream; be that your manager, or God. If you don’t dig the themes, then this won’t be the game for you.

Reminder: if you have the bundle you can access this game through the bundle download page. If not, the link will take you to a dead end.

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites

A GM-less TTRPG about being in a nightclub, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites will have you jamming out to tunes while intermingling with the humans — because you aren’t really a human. Mingle with whomever, see how successful you are, and maybe you can get your flirting game on. If you want to have Skrillex songs stuck in your head while flirting, here you go.

They Won’t Go When I Go

Another TTRPG by Swords and Flowers. This time, instead of raging against the machine, players will be remembering the fallen. This is a ritual TTRPG about letting players mourn for a lost friend, the ‘Ghost’. Players will slowly unravel their relationship with the Ghost through each visit, narrated together and explored comfortably. Give it a whirl if you want to have a more emotional narrative.

Reminder: if you have the bundle you can access this game through the bundle download page. If not, the link will take you to a dead end.

Construct 2/3 Pseudo 3D (with playable example)

In a strange turn of events, Talbone has given us a working pseudo 3D camera for 2D games. Going in to details would take a bit too long. The long and short is that this is a fully functioning camera system that can alter its location based on speed and other variables to allow for smooth interpolation. If you have been trying to get a camera working like this, then here you go! Works for Construct 2 and 3, and there’s an example in the page to demonstrate it.

These Cards Have Hearts

Back to TTRPGs with Rosie, These Cards Have Hearts is for those that grew up watching card game shows and really wished they could have those battles in ‘real life’ (who didn’t?). It’s all about fighting your friends, believing in the heart of the cards and getting those sweet victories. Thanks to Powered By the Apocalypse, you’ll be battling your friends in no time.

The Way You Make Me Feel

Back to the club we go with The Way You Make Me Feel by Allie Bustion, aka MadPierrot. Inspired by Janelle Monae’s ‘Make Me Feel’, players will enter a nightclub and see where things lead by the end of the night. A tarot deck is needed, as it will determine how the others perceive the actions taken by each player, which is quite a genius way of using the oracle. If you are a fan of Janelle Monae or just want to explore perceptions, then go for it.

Strike! RPG: Tactical Combat and Heedless Adventure

We’ve had a few serious TTRPGs, so get ready for bombastic action with Strike! by Jimbozig. It’s a setting-less system that focuses on loose and fast combat tactics. It can be applied to any setting or style that you can dream of, letting players use numerous tactics and strategies to satisfy that mechanics-heavy yet loose fun that many TTRPGs wish to encapsulate. It might not be for beginners, but it’s definitely a good alternative to the traditional combat TTRPGs.

Come Home

Back to somberness we go with Come Home by KiennaS, who has been featured in the bundle before. In this installment, players will create an Astronaut together, one stranded out in space with no way of finding home. Draft the stars that they find, and create a beautiful narrative of their struggle to decide where they will go before their soul finds a resting place in the cosmos. It’s depressing, but there’s a beauty in it that is hard to describe. Give it a whirl.

My Welcomed Guest

A short solo game created by Dawn Bear Games, the player will be trapped and bargaining for their freedom. Each answer given has the possibility of giving Taboo to the player, which is a breach of faerie laws. Some times you won’t even know which law you broke, but it won’t matter; you’ll have to be more careful. It’s relatively easy for players to customize, but its core is an interesting exploration of negotiation.


Finally is BAD MOON by Adira Slattery, which is by far one of the strangest games I’ve seen. It is a game about yelling at the moon. The moon has hurt or angered you in some way, and the entire game centres around your rage manifesting as screams for it to understand. Does that make sense? Not entirely, but it can be a creative outlet for those looking for some inspiration. Rage can do that, even when it is aimed at a satellite thousands of kilometres away.

Holy cow, we’re done. Page 33 of the bundle starts tomorrow!




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