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PEGBRJE: Software of Page 34

There’s… a lot.

Seriously. Descriptions will be kept short for length’s sake.

When You Meet Your Doppelganger on the Road, You Must Make Out With Them

Oddly descriptive title for a TTRPG/LARP by Goat Song Publishing. It is an apt description nonetheless, for the two players will be making out. It’s about understanding yourself (even though there are two players), and best played with another who wishes to explore themselves and is comfortable with making out with you. If you’ve got one, you can try it out.

The Land of Pan-gu 盤古之地

Something less physically risque is The Land of Pan-gu 盤古之地 by Sen.H.H.S, a TTRPG module that explores Chinese Myths. It’s meant to be played within 1–2 sittings by a ‘Level 0’ character, with little to no abilities. Use whatever survival skills available to uncover the secrets within.

Essential Pool Billiards Table Asset Pack — VR/AR has give us an entire Pool and Billiards table set for VR and AR, complete with textures of all kinds and details to ensure that you can play pool in VR. Included as well are numerous file formats to ensure that you can use it wherever you need it.

Of Bodies

Back to TTRPGs we go with Of Bodies by Sascha Moros, where players will play a group of robots in a post-Anthropocene setting. It only uses a D6 to play, and is entirely prompt-centric. Players will build themselves (literally) and gain new memories as the adventure slowly unfolds.

Chiron’s Doom

Another storytelling TTRPG is Chiron’s Doom by Nick Bate, where 3 players will explore a strange object known only as Chiron’s Doom. It’s more of a journaling game than anything else, using cards to determine decisions and a journal to record them. It can be done fully solo, so hopefully you can discover what lies within.

Tome of Rites and Rituals — Volume 1

Shaking things up is this TTRPG assistant tool created by Fenreliania. It contains dozens of different settings, inspirations, spells and a large glossary of new creatures to interact with. This is only the first tome however, so there are even more to explore and expand your campaigns.

Save the Universe

Ever wanted to be like Syndrome from the Incredibles, creating a threat to everyone and saving them from it? Save the Universe by Don Bisdorf allows you to live out those fantasies. The players will create their own galactic menace that is thwarted by their own brave heroes. It uses the SAVE rules system, and wants you to jump in as fast as possible to create a character and defeat the villain you all helped create.

High Fructose Hyperspace

This is a bit hard to explain, but High Fructose Hyperspace is a TTRPG expansion and mini-setting for explaining hyperspace. It’s part board game, part adventure, part expansion, 100% Troika. How a board game fits in to Troika is a question on its own, but essentially players can play this to explore and expand on how their hyperspace travel works. Try it out if you really like space travel and gamifying something that is usually mundane.

No One Dies Alone In Revolution

Returning to journaling games, No One Dies Alone In Revolution by Guillotine Choke Games will have a lone player interpret smoke signals to discover each fallen soldier’s fate. It’s a game about writing poems and prayers for each revolutionary, yet is also a eulogy to celebrate their life. It’s definitely different, and one to explore if you want something unique in journaling experiences.

WuDe — The Five Powers

Another narrative-centric TTRPG, WuDeRPG uses the Element Dice System as both its standalone rules and an SRD. This means that the game can easily be ‘hacked’ and used in other settings and games if the player desires to . It just wishes to tell stories however the player wants to, and you can explore it with them.

>>at least you’re not alone

Another tale about emotional loss and ties, >>at least you’re not alone by Ben Scerri and Red World Press brings 3+ people together to realize that they are not going to survive. It barely takes any time at all, but in those short moments you can experience what it means to be together, what it means to love, and the fear of what comes next. There is no way out, so if you do not wish to deal with these themes I suggest seeking another game.


Speaking of dealing with depressing realizations, Laika is a collaborative storytelling game by Rosethorn. The game is named after the first dog in space, Laika. As you might be able to guess, this follows the tale of Laika as she is stranded in space, and the players are translating the sensory-emotional weight of her thoughts as she floats aimlessly. If you did not want to cry about a dog who doesn’t make it back home, then this might also not be the game for you. It is definitely powerful though if you give it a chance.

Just Rain

Changing from the trajectory of depressing TTRPGs is Just Rain by ROBYSOFT, an audiovisual rain simulator. You can manipulate the degree of the rain, and it comes with panning and visual simulations to help set the mood. If you love sleeping or studying on a rainy day, this is perfect.

At the Monarch’s Gate

Back to TTRPGs we go, with this GM-less ‘single session’ game by Nyessa. The game focuses on the stories told of the weapons surrendered at a gate, where each weapon has its own history and glory to be sung. Tarot cards, dice, tables and more are needed making this much more complex than it would first appear, so I highly recommend taking the time to read through and see if it is right for you.


LostDutchman has created three scenarios for Dread in Dreadful, with everything needed to play included. Dread, as some may recall, is the TTRPG that uses a jenga tower to determine success and failure, and these three scenarios build on this tension. Whether you are university students researching occult murders, a therapy group or cryptid bloggers you’ll have all of the uncomfortable visuals you could dream of.

House of Cards: A Modern Fantasy Story Game

Moving in a different direction tonally, House of Cards is a modern-fantasy TTRPG created by Parenthesis Press. Using the allure of mirrors to peer in to different worlds, players will draw Tarot cards to tell their stories of wild magic and strange creatures. It takes heavy inspiration from Lewis Carroll and many others, so if you love whimsy with a bit of sinister intentions this setting is perfect.

you wouldn’t last one minute on the creek

This is a TROIKA TTRPG game created by HypatiasAngst, advertised as a ‘dread simulator’. I honestly have no idea what it truly is. My guess is that it’s a Troika-based TTRPG about surviving a sentient creek. It exists at an almost cosmic level of confusion. The only way to understand it is to try to survive it.

Bonsai Brawlers!

Diwata ng Manila brings us a TTRPG about plants and fighting. It is the third in a series of ‘micro-rpgs’. This one focuses on a crunchy style of fighting between players while also focusing on the plant’s backstory. If you like strange yet light RPGs, this is a good one to look in to.

In Another Life

Bringing back the romance is In Another Life by Lauren Bryant-Monk, based on the song of the same name by Vienna Teng. Players will be meeting reincarnations of those that they once loved and interacting with them to see if a spark still exists. Grab it if you are in love with otomes and light novels.


shipwrights is an interactive game created by will jobst in which players will mail a paper boat to each other, adding to it every time it is received. What’s amazing is in its presentation style. The rules are actually pictures of the game in progress, seen on the page and downloadable. It’s a brilliant showcase of style and tutorialization, and this alone makes it worth the time playing it out.


Finally, this page ends with Spellchitects! by Viditya Voleti. Players use the systems in place to weave magic spells together, collaborating with others to make the strangest and most interesting spell possible. It’s played in rounds for constant interaction, and finishes with a strange symbol and phrase that is so unique that casting it would probably go wrong. Give it a spin if you have been dying for some new flavours for your TTRPG spells.

Good lord that is a lot. Page 35 of the bundle begins tomorrow.




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