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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: Software of Page 40

More Tiny TTRPGs, a Letter-Writing Game, and a few Game Design Assets — We’ve reached the next milestone.

We Are Ciphers

Starting us off is a two player letter-writing game by Jgurantz where players will create a story through coded messages in the mail. Both players want the ‘Prize’, but need to structure the six letters to ensure that it is possible. Much can be in their way, including the mysterious ‘Target’. Mainly aimed at those who want to solve puzzles while also having a throughput narrative.


Bringing us a TTRPG from Portugal is Misticspell with Fadário. Players will try to overcome their neighbourhood issues as those who live within it, building themselves up in the hopes of achieving something better. Do be aware that everything here is in Portuguese, so if that isn’t a language in your wheelhouse you might want to move on.

Mage Against the Machine

Mage Against the Machine is a GM-less TTRPG by Jordan Palmer, featuring time-travelling wizards and a robot apocalypse. Players will create their mage with a specific memory in mind, using it to anchor their time travel as they attempt to stop the robots from overthrowing everything. Each instance of time manipulation, however, comes at a heavy cost to reality, and as the game develops players may find themselves in a world they no longer recognize as they destroy the very fabric of time. Good luck.

PIXEL SPACESHIPS (Shoot’em Ups Assets) [HD]

MedimonGames gifts us a pixelated asset pack, specifically for arcade space shooters. There are source files that can be manipulated (require Piskel to do so) along with PNG files for each sprite. The big bonus is the season updates, so owning one of these allows for new content to be added every so often. Download it if you need some sweet pixel assets for a game jam or project.

A Plague Journal At The Ides of March, 2020 and other Pandemic Poetry

This is a lengthy zine of poems by Quinn K. written during the initial months of quarantine. It’s morbid to say the least, discussing themes of isolation and what lead us to this predicament. Of course, as it has been a bit since the pandemic started, it feels a bit odd to read something so depressing and realize that it is only after a few months when we’ve been living in this wasteland for the past two years. Nevertheless, it exemplifies the worst times of the pandemic, and opens up to many emotions.

Do be aware that it no longer exists for those that do not already own it, so make sure to claim it through the bundle page to see its store page.

Nowhere Kingdom

A TTRPG in which players deal with the ramifications of their decisions, Nowhere Kingdom by Vega_baby showcases the aftermath of a revolution in which the people use a warlock to overthrow the King. Now sitting on a Council, players will attempt to make decisions for the good of the Kingdom while dealing with the chaos-fueled new residents. What makes this unique is that it is made with audience participation in mind, with a few players being the Council members while the rest are the demons voting on it. It’s an exciting twist on the TTRPG format, adding improv game elements to spice things up.

Setealém: The Seventh Beyond

We head to South America with this folklore game by Naive Star in which players will dive in to a Twilight Zone-like world. It uses many of the urban legends that were chronicled by Luciano Milici, incorporating them in to a strange world that can be manipulated to your will — or manipulate you and your fellow adventurers.

City — Game Tileset

ludicarts gives us a City tileset for all your 2D needs, with 88 terrain tiles to choose from, 43 objects to place in your world and a full layered background. Perfect for any projects that need some more cityscapes.


Bringing in a small zine is CHARCUTERIE, updating many little TTRPGs that Rathayibacter had been working on. It features a game about betrayal, tweens, survival and drunk super-spies. It’s clean and concise, keeping all of its pieces together while still having some fun with doodles.


A hack of Lightning-Kissed, Blade-Kissed is a two player TTRPG about exploring the backgrounds that lead the two of you down the aisle together so that you could cut each other down. Yes, this is one big pun about swordfighting against an opponent. If you are a superfan of homoerotic (doesn’t have to be, but is definitely made to be) enemies-to-lovers narratives, this is the game for you. Flirt to victory!

Campfire Memories

Time to take a break from ‘serious’ topics. Relax and go camping with Campfire Memories. This is a GM-less TTRPG in which players will create a family that wants to experience the outdoors, finds many unpleasant events, and then looks back on them and laughs fondly. In short, the typical family vacation. It’s all about making the best out of a bad situation, and how much fun the family can have no matter what. Can be played with your blood family, or just a bunch of friends that feel like family.

Ships That Pass

Alright, back to queer flirting. This time the players are not really humanoid. In fact, this is a game about queer spaceships that crush on each other while flying by. It’s for two players specifically and works on the relationships not only between the ships, but also between their pilots and a private organization dealing in strange tech. It’s definitely strange, but it brings people together.

MM’s IRC Interface for GameMaker

Taking a break from narratives and games is mMcFab’s Twitch interface for GameMaker. This is a bunch of scripts that allow for the game to connect to Twitch chat with relative ease so that you can get back to making the game as quickly as possible. It’s extremely in depth, with demos and documentation to ensure that you are able to get your game working with the chaos that is Twitch chat.

The Watching Book

This is a zine created by Sarah Rowan set within the world of the Soothsayer board game. It’s a diegetic piece of material left behind by the oracles that lived on The Singing Plain, detailing their culture and history. It also features a small game that would be played by the children to pass the time — something adults would also enjoy as well. It’s an interesting concept, and while it might be more intriguing for those familiar with the board game, it definitely has enough charm to be a standalone.

SNES Original Soundtrack Small Collection

Alright, time for music. This is a collection of nine tracks by ozuka music, utilizing the limitations that were featured in the original SNES. Its loops are made for those chiptune arcade styles, perfect for anyone looking to work on a game that looks like it could’ve been on the SNES at the time.

“your sister’s drown’d, laertes”

Sombering the mood is this ‘fever dream’ for four people. It takes heavy inspiration from the Shakespearean play Hamlet; specifically, Act V Scene I. One individual will play Ophelia while the others will be deciding who they are and what Ophelia meant to them. As expected, this is the same Ophelia from Hamlet, so it is definitely a game about exploring grief and how people view those who die. If you are in to emotional games and enjoyed Hamlet, this might be a good time.

Canal Goons

The final entry in the set is Canal Goons by Michael T Lombardi, a small hack of Tunnel Goons. Playing as a legendary Gondolieri, players will brave the demon-haunted canals, singing away the devils while delivering cargo. It includes a few more systems to help with the hack, such as relationships, being injured, and more.

That’s it — that’s the next twenty pages done. Next week will be a break week for me as I attempt to compile everything. See you then.




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