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Playing Every Game (and looking at every other piece of software) in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

PEGBRJE: The Software of Page 28

Holy moly there are so MANY. AGAIN.

Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void

Starting these ~18 pieces of software off is Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void by R. Rook Studio. It’s a catalog of 36 spacefaring fantasy backgrounds for TTRPGs. They were specifically made for Troika or Enoch’s Wake, and expand on the fantastical idea surrounding sci-fi fantasy dungeoneering. You’ll get some steampunk vibes, some 90’s spacefaring aesthetics, and maybe even a bunch of spiders. Give these a look-through to spice up any campaign.


Marn has created a tabletop game about exploring a simple house, called house. Seems nice enough, except for the slight issue concerning the fact that players may not be able to exit the house upon finishing their visit. Based on House of Leaves and Dionaea House, those who enter this simple manor will need to work together and hopefully escape whatever eldritch horrors lurk within.

For the Dungeon!

Ever wanted to be a minion in a TTRPG? Probably not, but that’s what Jordan Palmer has created with For The Dungeon!. A comedy game based on the Powered by the Apocalypse style of world building, players will focus on each other’s prompts to create the world while trying to stay true to their traits. Thanks to their chaotic nature, things can go ballistic with misfortune — instead of experience, minions gain ‘experience’, as in the ability to write down what they learned from that failure and how they won’t do it again. Give it a try if you are looking for some goofy fun with friends.


Deviating from the TTRPG train, PIXEL FANTASY RPG ICONS is a video game asset pack created by Caz specifically for 2D pixel RPGs. It contains all of the necessary elements that one might think of for icons, from potions to plants to instruments to papers. There are multiple sizes for you to use, depending on the game you are trying to make. Great for those last minute game jam asset grinds.

Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy

Dead Friend is a two player roleplaying game that allows for a necromancer to have a lovely discussion with a ghost. Created by Lucian Kahn, it aims to create an ambiance akin to a necromantic ritual. The rules follow a script similar to an incantation. The mood itself can be different depending on the two players involved, as the storytellers will dictate just how somber or silly it can get. Hopefully you have a tarot deck lying around to create your own stories, whatever they may be.

A playbook from Hello, World.

Hello, World

Similar to above, Hello, World is a game about breaking free from a status quo and shaking the foundation of the world. Unlike above, however, players won’t be two different entities possibly related, but immortal beings in a digital utopia hellbent on making a name for themselves. In this hack of Blades in the Dark, players will be vying for the truly limited resource of this world in, Memory, which will allow them to sustain their experiences for as long as they live. It’s cyberpunk gone to the extreme where nothing is truly ‘physical’ anymore, and is a lovely spin on the idea of what it means to experience the world around us. Also, the spotify playlist is a bit of a banger. Props to Charles Simon for this one.


Another TTRPG is Chalice by Monkey’s Paw Games. This one uses the ‘Trophy’ system, one that was originally adapted from Cthulhu Dark and based on Blades in the Dark (mostly this is just fun knowledge, the engine is outlined in game). Requiring a Chronicler and a few other players to portray knights, players will go on an adventure in the search of the Holy Grail during the Arthurian ‘period’. Although we the players know that this quest is doomed to fail, the point is to build the knights from their humble beginnings and journey forward until their fatal flaws become their undoing. A tragedy, really.


Lucian Kahn makes a second appearance almost immediately with Visigoths vs Mall Goths, a combination of TTRPG and dating sim that wonders what would happen if we pit the original goths against those that have co-opted their name. Absurd as it may sound, it makes for a hilarious dynamic to see those that terrorized central Europe and sacked Rome attempt to get along with the ‘spooky’ teenagers I used to hang out with in public school. Everything is set within a mall, the layout of which is included, so hopefully your facilitator (the mallrat as it were) can lead your one-shot or multiple episodes to their adorably wacky conclusion.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is FIST, a tabletop RPG created by B. Everett Dutton. Players are all members of FIST, an elite group of soldiers of fortune that are called in to disastrous events around the world that may or may not involve the paranormal. With a Cold War aesthetic, players will customize their characters with modules for their guns and their psionic powers. FIST uses a relatively rules-light approach that puts action first, and questions second. If you need an OSR system for those murder-hobos in your life, this is a perfect way to let them cut loose and just kill everything; strategy optional.

Humble Fonts — Gold

Another rare font pack, this one by somepx. It contains five pixelated fonts for you to use, each with their own aesthetic and contain more than just the Latin alphabet. There are Cyrillic characters, Scandinavian accents and letters, and more that I do not recognize in the slightest. Hopefully these help!

Heaven Nor Hell

Returning from that brief break in TTRPGs, Heaven Nor Hell is a prompt-based roleplaying game created by Kienna S of Canada. The goal is to craft a relationship between immortal beings across eons, even though they have been split across the heavens and the earth. Knowing that there is only stolen moments to spend together, players will use the prompts to craft the different times that these individuals have been able to meet throughout the years. It’s made to create tension between those that play, to put little strains on the relationship. Love is hard to pin down, and becomes even more strenuous when attempting to narrow down individual love amongst a beloved group. The more players there are, the more tension created by this dynamic, but even then the default two can be enough. I’d suggest playing it with someone extremely close for maximum effect.


We return to the Apocalypse World framework with Fusion, a TTRPG created by RandomTuesday. It focuses primarily on the relationships built through space rocks, as Steven universe is an influence. I have little to say unfortunately, as this is a game still in development and only features references and rules. Watch it closely if the influences tickle your fancy.

Schema — Iteration 7

Breaking the TTRPG mold is the seventh iteration of Schema by Levi Kornelsen. This is only an engine rather than a game so it requires those that pick it up to build a world upon its foundation. Its primary focus is on stakes, similar to Powered by the Apocalypse, but it comes with a lovely sheet that is omnipresent in the centre of the table. It focuses on allowing events to occur that have stakes without the need to roll dice for each one, wanting the important and exciting things to occur as smoothly as possible. It might take a bit of work, but it might just be worth it to try.


We’re back with more cyberpunk transhumanism with Sundown by L A Wilga. Instead of a hyper digital world, however, this takes place in a more medieval fantasy-esque environment where players take the role of drifters. These individuals have altered their skin, shunning them from society and allowing them to move from region to region solving problems. Its focus is on survival, as players will fight giant animals and grapple with the need for belonging.

ANTological Theory

Time for something a bit more ridiculous: ANTological Theory is a GM-less TTRPG created by Adira Slattery where players are ants. Yes, ants. These ants are all philosophers within the Hive, and players will be debating with each other what the nature of certain things are, from Food to the Queen to the self. It’s absurd to think about, but ingenious in its ability to be picked up and played anywhere and everywhere.

Alone in the Ancient City

Going solo is indicated in the title, as Alone in the Ancient City is a roleplaying game for one. There is a two player version called ‘Together in the Ancient City’ if you are interested, but one thing at a time. A hack of Alone Among the Stars, you are a traveler trying to find your way through this city, uncovering different districts and secrets left for time to bury. It’s melancholic, it’s empty, and its a great way to spend a rainy Saturday.


Finally is Solitaire, a collection of six titles to play by yourself by jeeyonshim. The titles are all about self reflection, looking internally at ourselves while discussing certain topics or understandings. There’s a lot to sift through, especially since they are all focused on you as an individual, so I’ll let you be the judge of their style.




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