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Should You Back It? Crowdfunding Round-Up

Welcome to your Board Game Crowdfunding round-up!

I will be briefly going over games currently on offer from Kickstarter and Gamefound. I strongly encourage readers to delve deeper into videos and reviews if any of these games are of interest to you. Links are in the description. Let’s get started. = )

Jiangnan: Life of Gentry

The charm of Old China

“Create and curate the greatest literary works of the Ming Dynasty.”

This is one of several relaunched games I will be going over in this article. Lucky for us, the first go-around produced tons of positive and informative review videos which are on the KS page linked above. So backers certainly won’t be diving in blind.

This game sticks out to me for several reasons. Personally, living in China, I’m always on the lookout for a Chinese-themed game that hits all of the right notes for me. This is one of the few that’s had that level of appeal in recent years.

Jiangnan is a worker placement and bag building game for 1 to 4. It can be played as a single scenario or through multiple campaigns. The game captures the theme of playing as skilled artisans who will use their craft to rise up in Jiangnan society.

The pledge levels

The retail edition looks like a fine value, but if you want to be a bit fancier, the deluxe pledge has cute standees, a 5th player pack, and some nice 3-D components.

I think Jiangnan is a solid pledge and already I’ve convinced a friend to back it. = )


Gorgeous specimens

“Place hen cards in the yard, create large groups, gather eggs and collect medals.”

Hens is a game from Little Rocket Games. These are the same folks who are bringing us the Blue Collection, a selection of NES-inspired mini board games. Why should we be interested in Hens? I mean, really? = )

For starters, it plays in 15–20 minutes! I’m always on the lookout for new fillers for my collection. On Game Day/Game Night there’s almost always some downtime before players arrive, between heavy games, or after our brains are fried from a difficult and long game that a neat little filler like Hens becomes very appealing.

It’s an abstract card game about breeding hens, for god’s sake. What is there not to love? If you enjoy games like Verdant or Cascadia, think of this as a lighter alternative. I will be receiving a copy to review at some point, then I can see if it really holds up well against my other filler games.

Look at those hens!

The pledge is 15 Euros ($17) or 5 Euros for a High-Definition Print & Play. More details to come once I’ve played this one for myself.

La Granja: Deluxe Master Set

A beauty!

That classic pastoral Euro has gotten a complete overhaul and a bunch of new modules in honor of this Deluxe Master Set. Many big-name designers have tipped a hat to this game and given it their personal touch. I’m a big fan of the art overhaul. It looks amazing and I love the representation in the various art pieces.

$89 gets you the core pledge with all unlocked stretch goals, and $169 gets you all of that plus the La Granja Size Upgrade Set. I don’t think the cost of the higher pledge is a great value but I would back the core pledge (and add donkey add-ons and sleeves!) with no reservation.

This was one of my most anticipated games of 2022, so I’ll be happy to see it finally on the table.

Marvel Zombies

Oh my!

This one is not really my thing but it is for a LOT of gamers. Currently closing in on 5 million dollars — this campaign is rolling right along. In Marvel Zombies, play as Zombified heroes like the Hulk or Captain Marvel, or play a totally different game mode where you are the good guys trying to stop (and survive) the zombified supes!

This campaign is all kinds of expensive with a base pledge starting at $130 and the current “all-in” running $410. We are probably going to be looking at a $600–700 game once all expansions and promos are revealed.

If you like chucking dice, playing cooperatively with your buddies, and are a fan of the Marvel IP, this game might be for you.

Final Girl Series 2

I’m all in!

This is already the best-selling Solo Board Game in crowdfunding history! Final Girl Series 1 was a great hit that passed under my radar and had me kicking myself for not backing it as all of the pictures and videos made their rounds on social media. But now it’s back and I have a chance to right the great wrong I made. I am All-In for Final Girl Series 1–2 (which is costing me a pretty penny).

If you were a backer the first time around, all you need to pledge is the Series 2 Features Films for $90 or the Season 2 Franchise for $159. I covered this thematic horror game extensively, but just know that this is a dice-centric solo game where you will lose and lose, but then, finally taste the rewards of victory.


Looks great!

Yucatan is another in the line of games such as Inis, Cyclades, Kemet, and Blood Rage. If you like highly interactive, combat-centric area control games, then look no further because Yucatan has a lot to offer.

I’m especially intrigued by the 60-minute playtime. Of course, that’s likely to be a low ball figure but it says that the designers think it’s significantly shorter than similar games.

There are a lot of nice stretch goals already unlocked and the components look incredible. The base pledge is 70 Euros and the all-in is 120 Euros. Check it out!

I can’t cover EVERY game being crowdfunded, but I wanted to present some of the larger ones. If I missed one you are backing, please let me know in the comments which game and why you are backing it. I’d love to know what else my readers have their eyes on.

Finally, if you could take a moment and click the follow button, give me a clap, or comment, that would really be appreciated! I’d love to continue to bring more board game articles to you folks because I think our hobby deserves it. Subscribing for articles to your inbox also costs you nothing but gets you my next article right away.

Okay, that’s all for now. Take care everyone and keep gaming.

— theBoardGameNerd



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