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Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Software of Page 47

Winter Bundle (ENG)

Starting this page off is a bundle of two board games by Roll&Play Medusa called Snowball Tactics and Mountain Ski. Both are hexagonal-based movement games, with players trying to either hit people with snowballs or maneuver through dangerous terrain. While this is the English version, Roll&Play Medusa has Spanish versions of all their games as they are based in the Canary Islands.

Galaxy Goons

Galaxy Goons is a TTRPG sci-fi hack of Tunnel Goons by John Erwin. Players are rough and tumble space adventurers looking for all the fame they can get no matter what, but need to always be aware of their mortality. The rules are kept light and quirky so that players can dive right in and find themselves doing things quickly. Everything is absurd, and hopefully you’ll be able to make your way through the galaxy and make some cash before your inevitable demise.

Mnemonic MV™

This might be a bit tricky, but have you ever wanted to memorize some information but couldn’t figure out a way to do so? Mnemonic MV™ has you covered. This application identifies redundant and ‘useless’ words, cropping them out and making a shorter, tighter document that should be easier to memorize. It works for both English and Spanish documents, and can also be tuned to highlight words instead of cropping if that is something you require. It works really well for anyone that may not have the best reading comprehension or memorization ability, and since it is an app for your phone it can be taken anywhere. Good luck!

Tutorial: Versatile InDesign Book Covers

Continuing with the theme of assisting people is this video tutorial by Adam Jury on how to create covers for books using the program InDesign. Adam himself is a tabletop game publisher and has been around the block when it comes to creating covers and publishing material. His advice and assistance on how things such as formatting and book spine resizing can be invaluable for anyone who has never done it. If you every have to use InDesign, this might be a good video to brush up on some good techniques.

Wandering Dreams

In our dreams, worlds can become nightmares. That is what Sleepy Sasquatch Games attempts to create with Wandering Dreams. Inspired by Lovecraft and the subsequent video game series by From Software, this solo RPG zine uses decks of cards and dice to tell stories within these strange worlds. The design is meant to feel as if the player is dreaming of this world, which means that events and structures can feel almost random — only death, acquiring their purpose or wishing to leave can allow you to escape, but that character is still around. After all, that character is you. It feels almost like a roguelike storytelling game, if that makes sense.

If you enjoy solo journaling games, this might be a great game to try out.

Cyborgs & Cigarettes

We now move from the realm of dreams to the realm of cyberpunk noire alternate history; but both are dark and scary. This TTRPG by s-15Studios will have you transported back to the 1920s Prohibition era of the USA and play as a ‘Torpedo’, someone who will take any job and ask no questions. There’s a lot of lore and crunch going on in here, which can be a bit daunting for newer players. That said, if you are a fan of Shadowrun or just want to live in that gangster era (not advised if I’m honest) then this might be a great game to pick up.

Out from the Shadows (Forking Paths #3)

Alright, time for a mild break from just TTRPGs. Now we’ve got the third edition of an RPG zine by Orbis Tertius Press. This issue focuses on the ‘New Forms’, a Nordic-themed chamber LARP influenced by Thomas Ligotti. There are illustrations and observation sheets for you to explore, and pamphlets to help get even more in to character. If you like RPG zines this is definitely a series worth investigating.

Anime RPG Tile Pack — Vol.1 School [PIXEL OF LIFE]

Anime RPG Tile Pack is a 2D asset pack with a focus on modern day anime school life by Rafael Batista de Lima. We’ve got students with varying hairstyles, students on a bike, teachers, all of the school rooms that you could want and an exterior to stare at longingly. Perfect for game jams and other small projects.

Our Pantheon

Finally we have this massive worldbuilding RPG by D.W. O’Boyle, where you’ll create a world and meddle with its inhabitants with the use of Chaos cards. A secondary version was released in 2021 called Our Pantheon: Legends to give a new take on the original and make it less ‘crunchy’ — preferably for those that want something easier to pick up. I can’t comment on all of their differences, but if you like the style that it is going for I definitely recommend looking in to both of them.

Oh boy, we finished! Time to move on to page 48 of the bundle next week.

Hold on… there’s only 11 pages left. Oh man, that’s scary.



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